Jewish Rehab for Substance Abuse

jewish rehab for substance abuse

Jewish rehab for substance abuse is becoming more prominent as addiction problems become more visible in the Jewish community. Alcohol can seem synonymous with joyous celebrations in Jewish culture, from Kiddush traditions to casual social gatherings, making alcoholism a particularly difficult subject to approach. Drug use is similarly taboo but has been a growing problem, with many individuals citing stress from family expectations or high-pressure jobs as a reason for turning to drugs.

Jewish rehabilitation programs seek to effectively treat patients for alcohol and substance addiction while also being sensitive to cultural and religious practices. Some organizations and treatment centers even incorporate Jewish thought and practice into the rehabilitation process. Below is a look at some of the main differences you might find in Jewish rehab for alcohol and drug abuse versus secular programs.

Cultural Sensitivity

Jewish rehab programs allow participants to observe Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The care providers are often trained members of the Jewish community, so they understand the cultural and religious backgrounds of their patients, including the differences between the various sects of Judaism.

Kosher Meals

Whether the food at a rehabilitation center is kosher varies from location to location, but as more Jewish rehab programs are emerging around the country, there are likely to be more that offer Kosher meals. Currently, the Chabad Residential Treatment Center in Los Angeles is the only inpatient therapy center that offers all-kosher meals. (JewishJournal)  However, other rehabilitation centers in areas with a significant Jewish population, such as south Florida, may offer Jewish tracks with kosher food options.

Incorporation of Jewish Teachings

Not all Jewish rehab for alcohol and drug abuse incorporates religion into its therapy, but some programs use Jewish teachings to help patients on the path to recovery. For example, the Chabad Center offers optional Torah classes, while the Beit T’Shuvah center (in Los Angeles) encourages its patients to learn about their addiction and recovery through the teachings of the Torah. The Jewish Center for Addiction (in Chicago) offers a workshop called Jewish 12 Stepping, which allows participants to examine the 12 Steps through Jewish thought. (Jewish United Fund)

Support from Within the Community

Perhaps one of the biggest distinguishing factors of Jewish rehab for substance abuse programs is that they offer support from within the Jewish community. Since cultural identity affects the way people view addiction and therapy, seeking treatment from an organization that offers Jewish rehab for alcohol and drug abuse can be important for a successful and healthy recovery process.

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