Is Jewish Addiction Treatment Right for You?

jewish addiction treatment

Is it worth seeking out Jewish addiction treatment programs? There are plenty of Jewish people who enter into programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but there has been a growing demand for programs that take Jewish culture and religion into account.If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and you want your beliefs to be a part of your treatment, this new movement may be worth looking into. Here are a few reasons why you might want to join a Jewish addiction treatment program.

You feel alienated by the traditional 12 Step Program

12-step programs like AA are often held in churches and may begin or end with a Christian prayer. Step 3 of the program – turning one’s life and one’s will over to God – is often seen as overtly Christian, which might make Jewish members of the program uncomfortable. For those who feel alienated by the traditional 12 Step Program, there are alternatives – like the 12 Stepping workshop at the Jewish Center for Addiction in Chicago – that allow participants to examine the 12 steps through a Jewish lens.

You want to receive treatment from someone that understands your culture

Those who identify with the Jewish religion are a diverse group of people, but historical persecution and trauma continue to influence and shape Jewish culture, so it may be important for those seeking addiction treatment to enter a program with professionals who understands what it is to be Jewish in the United States. For example, the culture of working hard and competing for high-power jobs can cause high levels of stress that may lead some Jewish people to abuse drugs or alcohol. This path to substance abuse is culturally distinctive, and it is important to receive treatment from someone who is familiar with the motivating factors of your addiction.


You want to receive treatment that incorporates your spiritual beliefs

Substance abuse treatment focuses on the behavior and thinking of the addict, so spirituality can play an important role. Jewish addiction treatment may appeal to anyone whose faith is an important part of their life and who considers themselves spiritual. Jewish addiction treatment programs often incorporate Jewish prayer and meditation as tools for recovery, and some programs relate addiction to selections from the Torah.

If you are Jewish and struggling with substance abuse, it might be worthwhile to seek out a Jewish addiction treatment program for a successful recovery.

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