What is an Interventionist?

What is an interventionist

Staging a drug intervention may be one of the scariest and most difficult things a person can go through with a family member or friend. Many times a person with substance abuse issues may be in denial about their addiction, and need the help of loved ones to regain control over their lives and start on the path toward a sober life style.

If an intervention is successful, the person in need of help will recognize their addictive and harmful behavior and agree to get help or treatment for their problem. Seeking help for an addiction can range from something as simple as attending a group program such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, or be as in-depth as entering a rehab program or even going to the hospital.

There are many ways to set up an intervention, but the easiest and most effective would be to seek the help of an interventionist. What is an interventionist? Quite simply, they are professionals who are trained to facilitate confronting the person who is addicted and deal with all of the emotions and impact of doing so. (Mayo Clinic)  An Interventionist not only helps the addict, they teach the family how to deal with addiction, enabling and the family dynamic that helps keep the addict using.  By teaching the family how to function as a united team, they are able to facilitate a success intervention that not only gets the addict to treatment, but educates them and makes them want to seek the help they so desperately need.Read more on what you need to know about interventions.


Trained Intervention Professionals

There’s so much that goes into an intervention and so much that has to be learned by someone who conducts interventions for a living.Non-professionals may be successful with an intervention, but it can be a daunting task. Not only are you dealing with the weight of having a family member or friend with serious substance abuse issues, you also have to contact others, form a plan, handle the addict’s emotions including denial, betrayal, and pain, and work to keep the whole thing on track while it’s going on.

So, what is an interventionist? How do professionals differ from regular people who just want to help? First off, professional interventionists are educated and trained to run interventions, and have completed hours of training to go along with their extensive experience in dealing with substance abuse issues. A professional interventionist will be responsible for setting up your intervention and keeping the meeting under control once it has begun. The interventionist will help support, educate, and develop a plan for treatment and aftercare once your loved one has gained control over his or her addiction.

The main goal of an interventionist is to provide a structured environment for loved ones and friends to express their concerns about the harmful behaviors exhibited by the substance abuser. The interventionist also helps to identity the most appropriate people to be a part of the intervention team in order to have the most effective impact on the addict and help him or her get into treatment.

Where Can You Find an Interventionist?

Interventionists can be found by contacting the Association of Intervention Specialists or companies such as . Dealing with a loved one that is struggling with substance abuse issues can be a difficult task on its own, and if you need help conducting an intervention to get them the help they need, seeking the help of a professional can be the easiest way to help get your loved one into treatment. What is an interventionist? Someone who can take a bit of that weight off of your shoulders and give your loved one a better chance at getting the help they need for a healthy life.

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