What is inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

What is inpatient Alcohol Rehab inpatient alcohol rehab – otherwise known as a residential treatment center – is a big decision, so it’s important to know exactly what it involves. Whether you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, you need to make the choice that will work best for that addict’s individual needs.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding if an individual should enter an inpatient alcohol rehab facility are:

  •  an simultaneous medical or psychiatric disorder
  • severe withdrawal symptoms
  • failure to succeed with other forms of treatment
  • a disruptive or unsafe home environment
  • alcoholism is making the individual a danger to themselves or others (New York Times)

One of the first things to know when asking what is inpatient alcohol rehab, is how the detoxification process works. Rehab centers don’t allow patients access to alcohol, which means that they will generally have withdrawal symptoms that need to be managed. Mild symptoms can include shakiness and inability to sleep, while more severe symptoms can include hyperactivity, seizures, and delirium (). Sometimes the professional staff will administer medication to help manage these withdrawal symptoms, but this depends on the individual and each facility’s methodology.Read more in depth about what is 


In addition to the administration of medication, inpatient rehab centers will likely also offer counseling about addiction, opportunities to attend support group meetings, social and recreational events with other patients and staff members, and medical consultations.

What is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab and when it can be an effective treatment option because the patient:

  • does not have access to alcohol and is less likely to relapse
  • has medical attention around-the-clock and supervision from a professional staff
  • is cut off from negative influences in their daily life and can focus on recovery

However, sometimes outpatient treatment can be a better option because:

  • it is less expensive than inpatient treatment
  • it is less disruptive to the patient’s daily life
  • if withdrawal symptoms are less severe, outpatient treatment can be just as effective as inpatient treatment

It’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons of inpatient treatment before checking into an treatment center after asking what is inpatient alcohol rehab. In general, inpatient treatment is best for those who have negative influences or drinking temptations in their social and personal lives, have not been successful with other types of addiction treatment, and need the support of a therapeutic community to help them recover. Often, people who decide to enter an inpatient center already attempted to kick their addiction in outpatient treatment but were unable to do so.

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