Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center

inpatient alcohol rehab center

Checking into an inpatient alcohol rehab center can be nerve-wrecking and scary, but knowing what to expect can ease patients’ anxieties and prepare them for the recovery experience. From the intake process through graduation, the focus of an inpatient alcohol rehab center is to improve the physical, emotional, psychological and social health of patients.Most treatment programs start with an intake process. During this time, baseline measures are taken to maximize the effectiveness of a customized treatment plan, and patients fill out paperwork, tour the facility and are guided to their rooms.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center Detox

Following the intake process, patients may undergo physical detoxification from alcohol. This process lets the body get the alcohol out of its system in a comfortable, healthy and safe environment. Detoxification can take up to two weeks depending on the patient’s health and the severity of alcoholism.Therapy sessions are an important part of an inpatient alcohol rehab center. During one-on-one therapy sessions, patients receive the empowerment, education and encouragement they need to succeed in recovery. They may also explore special issues like stress reduction, trauma or anxiety.Read more:


Therapy at Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers

Other types of therapy may also be offered, including 12-step meetings, couples or family counseling and group therapy sessions. During these sessions, patients explore their addiction, uncover the causes of their substance abuse and learn ways to avoid repeating the cycle of addiction. They determine triggers that may spark their use of alcohol, learn coping skills to avoid using and discuss their feelings about the past, present and future. Throughout the therapy, they receive encouragement and support from professional counselors, family members, friends and other addicts.

Alcohol addiction takes a toll on one’s body, and many alcohol rehab centers include offer mind-body therapies, group sports, nutritional counseling, health supplements and other support to help patients return to a physically healthy state.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers Aftercare

Most rehab centers also offer aftercare programs to assist recovering individuals following the completion of the original rehab program. Patients work with an aftercare specialist to make post-discharge plans, locate support systems and prepare for their return home. Some patients commit to outpatient treatment at the rehab center to continue counseling and therapies after graduation.

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