Icann Underfire for Illegal Online Drug Sales

illegal online drug sales are on the rise by reported by companiesIllegal Online Drug Sales Continue Even After the FDA and Other Companies Report Them

 With an estimate of over 36 million Americans buying prescription drugs online, without a prescription, the FDA is taking action. The FDA and other companies are running into a huge problem. How do you track down and regulate illegal online drug sales? There is no company that regulates internet sites. The FDA has now turned their attention to Icann. Icann manages technical functions for the internet. They help with websites, allowing them to operate computers to locate the correct servers and websites. They are also in charge of over 1,100 registrars that sell web addresses. That is why the FDA is targeting them as a main contributor to this problem. Icann can monitor and close down websites that are carrying out illegal online drug sales.

Officials have reported over 4,700 suspicious websites that sell drugs in the past 8 months. Of the 4,700 sites that were reported, 4,000 continued business online after reports were filed to Icann. These reports came from LegitScript, a company that tracks online pharmacies. The FDA reports that there are around 40,000 to 60,000 illegal drug sites. This is an alarming number of sites. What is even more alarming is that Icann and other companies are doing very little to stop this from happening.

The fact of the matter is, these companies are all about profit. Icann does not want to regulate these sites, because that is how they make their money. They profit from companies, illegal or not, buying web domains and other features. They could easily hire more people to their team for tracking purposes. When tracking the sites, if they find a suspicious site, they can simply ban their site and cut off that company’s ability to sell drugs online. Yes, I know the offenders can easily make up a new web address, but at least this will slow them down.

Another interesting point to people buying prescription drugs online without a prescription is that fact that some cannot afford to pay a doctor for a checkup and then turn around and pay for a high priced medicine. Another factor is Obama care. This “affordable” healthcare program has pushed many people away from using their longtime family doctor or makes people run around from doctor to doctor for certain needs. People are viewing buying their medication online as a convenience, a way to save money and time. Icann and healthcare need to jump on board with fixing this situation.

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