Ibogaine Rehab Program

Ibogaine Rehab Program

Suffering from an addiction is never an easy thing to cope with. However, the good news is that treatment is available. There are rehab programs designed to get addicted people back on track and off of the drugs completely. In fact, there are even Ibogaine rehab programs to further aid addicted people with the detoxification phase of recovery. Ibogaine is a substance that comes from the Iboga plant, which is commonly found in West Africa. It is a substance used over the span of centuries in West Africa. It has more recently been used as a method of treatment for people with addictions. There have been lots of studies on Ibogaine over the past few decades, which have proven that the substance is effective in helping people recover from substance abuse.

How Does an Ibogaine Rehab Program Work?

An Ibogaine rehab program involves the use of Ibogaine combined with traditional rehabilitation treatment, such as counseling and group therapy. Upon entering the rehab center, Ibogaine is carefully administered by a medical professional. The substance helps to make the detoxification process, which refers to being weaned from the drugs, simpler than it normally is because it resets the chemistry of the brain.Read more: Ibogaine Rehab

Ibogaine Rehab Program and Brain Chemistry

With continued use of drugs, the brain of an addicted person gets so used to using the drugs that when the body does not have these substances, it begins to go through withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal make the recovery more of a challenge because they are difficult to cope with. The common symptoms include fever, shakes, nausea, and even seizures. Ibogaine comes in handy by lessening the severity of these withdrawal symptoms. In a matter of just two days of taking Ibogaine, the brain begins to develop entirely new receptors so that it is not dependent on the drugs. It is a great way for people to get a fresh start.

Ibogaine Rehab Program Success Rate

The success rate of the Ibogaine rehab program is astonishing. It has the ability to cure around 80 percent of addicted people. The substance is commonly used with counseling and therapy so that when people are ready to leave the rehabilitation center, they are prepared to start an entirely different life without feeling dependent on drugs.


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