Iboga Treatment

iboga treatment

People who are looking for help with addiction often find that their addiction has only been changed to another drug. For instance, methadone is used for heroin addicts. Methadone is a weaker form of the opiod and is intended to make it easier for people to kick the habit. Unfortunately, statistics from programs licensed to administer the methadone demonstrate that fewer than 50% of those who choose this form of detoxification finish the program.

One of the significant obstacles in kicking a drug habit is that using addictive drugs causes changes in the brain cells.  Iboga Treatment is different.  The neurotransmitters modify the way the brain processes pleasure. Without rewiring the brain, there will remain a desire for that addictive substance.Read more:

About Iboga Treatment

Ibogaine comes from a plant called Tabernanthe iboga that is native to central Africa. The bark is chewed by various African people groups as part of the of the Bwiti form of spirituality. People being initiated into this practice ingest enormous amounts of this drug, which is used in smaller quantities for other tribe related purposes. Iboga is a hallucinogenic substance that works on the central nervous system.


Iboga Treatment and Drug Addiction

This African plant may be a gift to people who want to dump their drug addiction. Iboga treatment helps people drop their addictions without going through the dreaded and horrible withdrawal that is associated with detoxification. It works by resetting the neurotransmitters in the brain so that drug users can start with a clean slate.

Except for the United States and Belgium, Ibogaine treatments are legal. It is important to find a certified clinic that has a medical assistant sitting with the patient for 36 to 48 hours after the Ibogaine is administered. It is considered a safe treatment, but not for people with heart disease or for those who have liver problems. The patient may not have taken a large dose of heroin or cocaine recently. Heed these warnings. It is not safe for everyone.The treatment begins with a dose of the Ibogaine. It is enough to release the hallucinogenic properties of the plant. Dream-like visions may come to the patient in the first phase. The second stage may clarify for the patient some of the reasons he began using drugs. Usually a single dose is sufficient.

After the Iboga treatment, drug therapy sessions are helpful to reinforce the experience. Those who seek post-treatment therapy have up to 80% success in staying sober.

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