Iboga Detox

iboga detox

Facing addiction is an uphill battle that many face alone. Substance abuse destroys all facets of life, from relationships, to careers and health. By the time an individual is drowning in addiction, there may be no one left to throw out a life preserver. However, there is hope. Iboga detox, also known as ibogaine, provides a natural-based approach to breaking the chains of chemical dependency, helping those who suffer to live a life free from addiction. When it seems like there is nowhere else to turn, iboga can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Understanding Iboga Detox

Iboga treatments should be given in a facility under expert supervision. Detox treatment time varies for each individual case. It could be a matter of a couple days or weeks. During that time, a controlled dosage of iboga is administered on a daily basis. While clients are treated, they are given close supervision in a safe environment where they will be well cared for at all times. They receive nutritious meals and are encouraged to be physically active during their stay while the iboga treatments take effect.Read more:

Why Does Iboga Detox Work?

Iboga, also referred to as Ibogaine, comes from a plant, Tabernanthe Iboga. It is indigenous to Africa and the extract for the medication is taken from the root bark. When used in a controlled setting, it has been found to be effective in retraining the brain, resetting its chemistry to eliminate cravings for sources of addiction. Individuals who use Iboga will no longer feel a desire for drugs or alcohol.

Iboga provides individuals with a natural approach to ending chemical dependency. It is fast, effective, and will not involve replacing one source of addiction with another. For those who have tried everything else and have lost hope, Iboga provides solutions.Professional staff members will ensure that clients are healthy enough to withstand treatment. A blood count, the heart, kidneys and liver will be tested. Once approved, individuals can expect to begin a comprehensive course of treatment that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

Now is the time to end chemical dependency. Let Iboga detox create a future that is bright. Learn healthy alternatives to deal with life’s problems with the support of caring professionals. End the vicious cycle of addiction once and for all. Iboga will stop the cravings and allow individuals to think clearly again.


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