Cost of Heroin

cost of heroinThe cost of heroin is hard to quantify. There’s no more dangerous drug, no illicit substance more harmful, and the extremely addictive effects of heroin on a user’s family and friends are astronomical.

Personal cost of heroin

A heroin user typically wants nothing to do with anybody else, as his or her hunger for the drug runs so deeply. Yes, as a matter of convenience, the heroin user may ally himself with one or more other addicts who all take the drug together, pooling their resources in a “shooting gallery” environment, but make no mistake: this may not have anything to do with friendship and may be simply be a matter of dependence. These relationships may only serve as a means to keep the drugs flowing and the heightened senses going.Read how to spot the signs of Heroin use

Social cost of heroin

Heroin makes its way to the United States from many areas around the globe, most notably Southeast and Central Asia. The “Golden Crescent” and “Golden Triangle” are the greatest producers of the opium poppy though, with the continual, heavy trafficking of heroin through Mexico, Colombian and Mexican drug cartels that have begun to grow poppies by the millions.

And this drug means big business overseas, providing jobs for many. In Afghanistan alone, it is estimated that more than 3 million people are associated, in some way, with heroin production. But at what price? People in areas ruled by drug cartels can face danger to their lives on a daily basis, and many businesses will steer clear, making it hard to find legitimate work.


Monetary and health cost of heroin

The drug’s street value is pricey at around $200 per gram. No substance is more prized on the street as the body becomes so dependent on it, so addicts will generally pay whatever amount is asked of them. The main problem with the drug is that its quality can range from more pure to not very pure at all. Not long ago, the heroin sold on American streets was diluted to about only 10 percent.

Since worries over intravenous drug use have become more acute, dealers have upped the actual heroin content of the product sold to more than 50 percent. At this level of purity, the drug’s effects can be powerful even when smoked or snorted. Still, a whole host of additives, such as acetaminophen, caffeine, thiamine, quinine and many others are often used in the drug’s production, adding to the product’s overall weight. The less heroin used, the greater the profit for the dealer.

Anyone affected by the downward spiral of a junkie will tell you it is not fun to watch. The life span of the typical heroin user is short and their quality of life, once hooked, rapidly diminishes. The physical and mental health of the addict is severely affected, leaving troubled loved ones not knowing what to do.

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