Girl Born with Fetal Alcohol Disorder Wants to Sue Mom

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Kids Health explains that women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are risking the possibility that a child will be born with physical and mental health deficiencies that could have been prevented. In Britain, a seven year old girl has asked for the right to sue her mother for a “crime of violence” because she was born with an alcohol-related disorder, says the Washington Times.

Reasons for the Court Case

The New York Post reports that the court case in Britain is being considered due to the severity of the situation. According to the New York Post, the mother of the child was drinking vodka and beer on a daily basis during her pregnancy.Expert testimony in the court case have stated that the girl’s fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is the result of heavy drinking during pregnancy. The New York Post explains that the behavior of the mother during her pregnancy caused harm to the child. Due to the harm that was caused to the child, she and her guardians are asking for the right to sue her mother for damages.

Challenge in the Court Case

The Washington Times explains that the primary complication to the case is the previous ruling that an unborn child cannot be considered a person. As a result, the case has been dismissed in court because the child was not a person at the time that her mother engaged in the activities that caused harm to the girl.Although the Upper Tribunal of the Administrative Appeals Chamber has determined that unborn children cannot be classified as a person, the seven-year-old girl’s lawyers are appealing to the court to change the ruling. It is their hope that the case can move forward and that the girl will be allowed to sue her mother for crimes of violence.

Facts About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

While the young girl who was born with alcohol-related disorders has not yet sued her mother, the disorders can be prevented. Educating young women and future mothers about the possible dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy and ensuring that loved ones are not drinking can help reduce the risk.According to the National Institutes on Health, alcohol can harm an unborn child at any stage of pregnancy. Even in the first few weeks, alcohol can have a negative impact on the way that a baby forms and develops in the mother’s womb.

The possible complications that can arise after a child is born include:
  • Difficulty controlling emotions
  • Challenges with communication
  • Difficulty understanding or following instructions
  • Learning disorders or challenges
  • Low birth weight
  • Poor organ function
  • Delays in physical development and growth
  • Risk of epilepsy
The problems that can develop as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome relate to physical, emotional and mental health. A child who has been exposed to alcohol in the womb has a higher risk of health problems and may find it difficult to learn new skills or thrive in school. Depending on the severity of a mother’s drinking, the exact impact on a child can vary.Although the British courts have decided that a child is not a person until he or she is born, it is possible that the ruling will change. Since the condition is preventable, it is important to ensure that every mother is aware of the way that her actions will impact the life of her child. Drinking alcohol during a pregnancy can be dangerous and will have lasting effects on the child.

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