Feds Seek Death Penalty Against Head of Drug Gang

Feds Seek Death Penalty Against Head of Drug Gang

Death Penalty of drug lord in New Jersey: Feds Seek Death Penalty Against Head of Drug Gang

In 2007 capital punishment became illegal in the state of New Jersey when Governor Jon Corzine signed a law abolishing the practice. Nevertheless, the feds seek death penalty against head of drug gang in a case that will surely bring the idea of capital punishment to the forefront of the New Jersey public opinion.

Prosecutors have formally filed notice of their intentions to seek the death penalty in the case of drug lord Farad Roland. Roland (a leader in the South Side Cartel, a sect of the Bloods gang) along with two co-defendants has been charged with 6 counts of murder along with multiple other charges. Those other charges include kidnapping, carjacking, drug conspiracy charges, and robbery. In a trial scheduled to begin next January, Farad Roland and his two co-conspirators have plead not guilty to all of those charges. If found guilty of one of five of the killings, then Farad Roland would be eligible for punishment by death.

Those five victims included a rival gang member killed via drive-by shooting in 2003; in 2007 the murder of a fellow member who had disgraced the gang, a retaliation killing of two people outside of a bar in 2008; and lastly the 2005 murder of another fellow gang member who had planned to cooperate with police and implicate Farad Roland in a crime. There were no details provided at this time regarding the sixth murder charge.

The decision of the feds seek death penalty against head of drug gang is one that can easily split the population. Many people feel that capital punishment is inhumane, and that executing an inmate on death row is no better than what the inmate did to land themselves on death row to start with. They believe in a justice system where rehabilitation is the key, trying to get to the root of the problem with inmates and work with them to become better citizens. Others are firm believers in an “eye for an eye”. That is if you murder someone, are charged and ultimately found guilty of the crime, then execution is a fitting punishment, and justice should be doled out swiftly. Regardless of public opinion if Farad Roland is convicted of any of the five murder charges, then it is up to the jury whether or not he will be sentenced to either death or life without possibility of ever being paroled. Let’s hope that the trial is a speedy one and that justice is served and those who were murdered may rest in peace once this trial comes to it’s close.http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/feds-to-seek-death-penalty-against-reputed-head-of-drug-gang/ar-AA9apEH?ocid=ansnewsap11

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