Fan Plans Foiled by Molly

ecstasy ruins party goers good time New York City’s Electric Zoo Festival was cut short due to the deaths of two revelers who allegedly overdosed on Molly – a drug chemically related to MDMA, or Ecstacy.The festival, usually a huge end-of-season fest featuring electronic music pulsing from at least five stages was cut short after it’s second day due to the overdose deaths of 20-year-ol Olivia Rotondo of Rhode Island and Jeffrey Russ, 24, of Rochester, NY.‘I just took six hits of Molly’ is what Rotondo told paramedics as she collapsed and had a seizure. They whisked her away to a nearby hospital, according to a an article in Mail Online, but unfortunately, the 20-year-old didn’t make it. Four others were also hospitalized.

Molly isn’t exactly a new drug.

Chemically known as methylenedioxymethamphetamine, Molly is made from an ingredient of MDMA or ecstasy, a party drug popular with college students. The effects are known to produce euphoria, and an extreme feeling of well-being. The buoyed sense of energy it also produces makes it a popular club drug, allowing users to dance on into the wee hours. At one time, MDMA showed promise in treating those with mental health disorders. Currently, it is being studied as a way to help those with Post-traumatic Stress disorder.Sadly, like anything else produced illegally, one can never be sure what one is getting. New York police suspect the batch that killed the two was tainted. Even if it wasn’t, users tend to mix the stuff with alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine and who knows what else.

There’s no ‘good batch’ of molly,’ Anthony Pettigrew, a spokesman for the DEA New England division, told the Boston Herald according to the source.  ‘This is stuff that’s made in somebody’s bathtub in either Asia, the Netherlands, Canada, you have no idea what is in this stuff. Dealers want to make more money, so they’ll mix and adulterate the stuff with meth and any number of other drugs to addict people to it.’Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Brittany Flannigan, another college student, died from taking the drug at a Boston show that was also cancelled. Two others were also hospitalized and that show, too, was cancelled.Facebook commenters were blasting the irresponsibility of the drug users, since thousands were unable to complete the music experience they had paid for.

Street drugs always come with the potential to kill. There is no “safe” party drug. If you are, or know someone who is using this potentially dangerous recreational drug, call a professional to get the facts and the help you need.


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