Is Rehab Anonymous?

is rehab anonymous

Several people choose not to seek treatment and medication due to concerns of consequences that may follow. People get anxiety believing that if they would to begin treatment at a rehabilitation facility they will receive disciplinary actions through their employer. So they begin to question if rehab is anonymous. Individuals who would like to seek treatment fear that they may be treated unfairly by society and reserved sectors. So questioning is rehab anonymous is understandable. The truth of the matter is that individuals who obtain treatment for drug abuse and have also proving to sustain from drug use are safeguarded by discrimination procedures that one or a company may take actions on. The Americans with Disabilities Act, The Workforce Investment act and the Rehabilitation act covers state and federal rights for individuals who complete rehabilitation programs and remain abstinence from drug use. Prior use of drugs can not in anyway be a reason for your employer to fire you, or for you to be denied access to housing or any open and private affairs. Generally employers will give their employees a 12 week leave of absence without pay for an important medical problem in need of treatment. Companies can not discipline their employees for asking to go out on a medical leave when they have met eligibility requirements such as being an employee with the company for well over a year.

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You have the right to seek help

When employers have obtained medical sources that have related insurance information, it can not in anyway be exposed outside of the employee’s consent. In no way can an employer with hold you from seeking any medical treatment because of obligations due to the company such as keeping a work schedule to avoid an individual from seeking their appointed meeting with their health specialist. Sanctions are prohibited in event a company’s drug testing shows evidence of substance abuse. Presenting this information is also prohibited without an individual agreeing to do so.

An individual reserves the right to obtain help for his or her substance abuse and can in no way shape or form be discipline by their employer for doing so.


A person’s consent holds any of this information from being exposed. In the event that a person seeks employment, an employer is not required under law to ask about an individual’s substance abuse habits or if they have been treated for doing so. This discrimination is against the law. An individual has the right to seek employment placement and training courses from federal and state employment facilities even if an individual has prior history of continuous substance abuse use. If your still asking is rehab anonymous understand that any individual who seeks healing for using drugs should be aware that his or her rights are private and strictly enforce under the law. Once an individual has refrain from substance use an employer can not terminate or sanction you for prior use or for receiving treatment. This includes for employment, residential or any other federal programs or open and close institutions.

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