Who Goes to Executive Drug Addiction Rehab?

Executive Drug Addiction RehabImagine a high-powered CEO of an influential advertising firm working 60 hours a week, managing a large team, putting out quality work… and then checking into executive drug addiction rehab. Does this scenario seem surprising? It’s not as rare as it may seem. High-achieving people often put an incredible amount of stress on themselves (as do others), and many will alleviate that however they can.

Beyond this, professionals who rise to high-power positions may have an intense, addiction-prone personality to begin with – it may be their workaholic nature that encourages them to get ahead, and they’re praised for their willingness to put work before everything else. However, their obsessive desire for perfection at work can lead them to abuse substances simply to cope with the pressure.All of which is a long way to say – if any of this sounds like you, don’t be worried that you’re going to be all alone. Many of the people who achieve may also deal with larger problems, and when that happens, they need help to get back on their feet just like everyone else.Read more:

What Does Executive Drug Addiction Rehab Look Like?

Because of the number of professionals with substance abuse problems, specialized executive drug addiction rehab centers have risen up to fill this need. So how does executive drug addiction rehab differ from traditional programs?


Treatment focus. Treatment at these facilities focuses not just on substance abuse itself, but factors such as trauma, low self-esteem, and family dysfunction that may have contributed to both their drug addiction and compounded on their workaholic tendencies. (PsychCentral)

Specialized staff. The staff at executive rehab centers have experience and training specifically to work with executives’ addiction problems.

Provides a way to keep up with work. One reason why some executives might balk at going to an inpatient treatment center is because they worry that a long absence will harm their business. The staff at executive rehab addiction facilities understands that patients may need to stay connected with their professional life and often allows cell phones and laptops so that patients can keep in touch with their employees and co-workers.

Luxurious amenities. A major part of addiction treatment is helping individuals learn to cope with stress in a healthier way. With that in mind, executive drug addiction rehab works to minimize their patients’ stress through luxury products and services like world-class food, massages, and beautiful scenery around the facility. Generally speaking, stress is one of the biggest factors in executives’ drug addiction, so it’s important to remove individuals from the high-pressure situations that led to their substance abuse but not remove every aspect of their lifestyle.

If you have a high-power career and are struggling with a drug addiction, executive drug addiction rehab might be the right kind of treatment for you.

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