Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed

Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed due Lethal injection problemExecution of Georgia Woman Postponed Due to Lethal Injection Drug Problem

No one expected to see the title “Execution of Georgia Woman Postponed” due to a problem with the lethal injection drugs. Nevertheless, that is precisely what happened in the case of Kelly Gissendaner, who had received a death sentence for having her boyfriend murder her husband in 1997.Despite the fact that the lethal injection drugs were tested and deemed acceptable, they became cloudy in the hours leading up to the execution. Due to the problem with the lethal injection drugs, which seemed to no longer be reliable, the execution of Georgia woman postponed to late Monday. The state of Georgia has to wait to receive their lethal injection drug of choice, as it has to be compounded by specialty pharmacies and is no longer available anywhere else. Therefore, Gissendaner has been granted a little while longer to live.

Since the postponement, vigils have been held during which Gissendaner’s fellow inmates, as well as her children, pleaded for her life to be spared. Women who spent time in the same prison as Gissendaner have claimed that she counseled other inmates. Nikki Rogers, who was at one time a fellow inmate, is still alive today, because Gissendaner stopped her from committing suicide. Gissendaner also convinced other female inmates to start caring about their future, because unlike her, their jail time would eventually come to an end.Her husband’s family, however, believe that she is entirely deserving of the death sentence no matter what good she has done while imprisoned. His parents and sister continue to argue in favor of Gissendaner’s execution.

The Supreme Court has already halted other executions that used a different lethal injection drug, due to one botched injection and two more that took longer than expected. Most drug manufacturers have stopped selling their execution drugs, leaving not just Georgia, but other states as well, with the option of scrambling to find a new drug combination or buying them from special pharmacies.

Kelly Gissendaner would have been the first female death row inmate executed in 70 years, had she been executed at the planned time. Since the Supreme Court allowed for the death penalty to resume in 1976, only 15 women, not counting Gissendaner, have been executed. Yet approximately 1,400 men have met the same fate. Family and fellow inmates are only deliberating over the execution of Gissendaner, because she has been spared due to lethal injection drugs not being available. Had she been executed at the appointed time, no attention would have been called to the fact that she is the first woman facing execution in 70 years.http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/georgia-execution-kelly-gissendaner-postponed-drug-issue-n315651

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