Eric Holder Resigns, Is that Good or Bad in the World of Drugs?

eric holder resigns from bis postion Eric Holder Resigns: Drug Policy Advocates Expressed Disappointment

Eric Holder resigns from his position, once his replacement is found. With this announcement made at the end of September, policy advocates are upset. From drug policy advocates to criminal justice advocates, everyone is wondering who will replace Eric Holder?Another big question is, will his replacement have the same views as him or tear down everything Eric Holder has set in place? Holder has made a huge leap in reforming the criminal justice system, as well as the drug policy system.

One of the major roles Holder played in drug policy was getting marijuana legalized in Washington and Colorado. He established guidance allowing these states to not only legalize, but regulate marijuana with less federal interference. Holder did not stop there. He then proceeded to work with banks on guidelines to deal with state-legalized marijuana businesses. This not only helped businesses grow in this area, but provided jobs for the people. Legalizing marijuana also helped to keep the minor offenders out of jail. This helped to free up spaces in jail for the more severe criminals. To Holder, it did not make sense to keep minor offenders in jail for prolonged periods of time. He considered that a waste of the tax payers dollars. Now the jail in that area are less crowded and only filled with criminals of a much more dangerous nature.

“From rolling back punitive sentencing laws to letting sensible marijuana policies move forward, Attorney General Holder moved the U.S. away from the failed policies of the past,” stated Piper the director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. Piper presses on Obama to find a similar candidate. “Now is the time for President Obama to double-down on these reforms by replacing him with someone who will be as bold or bolder.”

With all of the controversy surrounding these policies, will they be able to fill Eric Holder’s spot or will a new candidate be to passive when starting out? This is a very serious issue. Eric is the 82nd Attorney General of the United States. He started his office term in 2009. Holder also served in the administration of President Barack Obama and is the first African American to be the U.S. Attorney General.

With names of replacements flying around, no one has come forward yet. There have been a few hints drop that might steer us in the direction of who will replace him. One source through out a hint stating “she” will be a great general attorney. Is this true? Will it be a woman? Or are they just trying to confuse people, till they find the correct person to fill the position? Either way, whoever takes over when Eric Holder resigns has their work cut out for them. Dealing with policies on drugs and criminal cases is not easy. Everyone always seems to have their strong, firm opinion on these topics, which makes this job very very difficult.

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