Entrepreneur Signs Off on Smart Drugs

entrepreneur signs off on smart drugsEntrepreneur Signs Off on Smart Drugs and Disregards the List

A disturbing trend among some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs involves them experimenting with drug cocktails in an attempt to enhance their brainpower, thereby creating more business opportunities in theory.

Bio-Hacking ExplainedThe so-called “smart drugs” are part of the concept of bio-hacking, which is based on the belief that individuals are in control of their own biology. By personally programming that biology, the idea is that results can be maximized.

A Dangerous MixThe combination that makes up these cocktails include safe items such as coffee, but also include some potentially dangerous components such as prescription drugs. The hoped-for end result is that the nootropics, as they’re known, will allow those entrepreneurs to remain alert longer and gain an edge over others in the intensely competitive high-tech world.

The Key EndorsersOne of the leading proponents of this approach is Doug Asprey, the CEO of The Bulletproof Executive. His company sells a controversial approach it says is the foundation for health and fitness and includes such philosophies as a high-fat diet and a minimum of sleep. This includes a high-powered coffee created with specially-grown beans as well as supplements.

Each morning, Asprey’s cocktail consists of taking about 15 pills and the coffee. He claims to have increased his IQ by 20 points, and clearly has attracted people interested in finding out more. More than six million downloads of his health podcast have taken place.

When an entrepreneur signs off on smart drugs and then brags. “I’ve used every class of drug you can imagine,” it can lay the groundwork for a dangerous precedent to be set. That entrepreneur, Tim Ferriss, has an approach where any improvement of control he can gain over his body is worth trying, saying it could be the difference between making $1 million and $1 billion.

Side Effects and Other DangersDespite suffering side effects from the drugs, Asprey continues to endorse the validity of his efforts. One of those side effects was the development of ketosis, which caused him to develop certain food allergies.

Some others that have used these drug cocktails have also suffered from nausea, headaches, and insomnia. Part of the reason for the unknown potential damage that could result stems from the fact that many of the drugs have not been studied.Another problem is that the search for the perfect blend of drugs, known as a stack, can vary from person to person and changes periodically to achieve that quest.

The Possibility of Dangerous ConsequencesIn addition, the idea of such successful people taking such drugs helps create a dangerous scenario in the minds of individuals who are not on the verge of breaking through with the next great idea out of Silicon Valley. Upon hearing such tales that trumpet, “Entrepreneur signs off on smart drugs,” the danger of using it and indiscriminately increasing dosages to conceivably heighten any value could lead to tragedy down the road.http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/25/technology/nootropics-smart-drugs/http://www.sfchronicle.com/living/article/Nootropics-attract-the-edgy-and-people-on-the-6051544.php

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