Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment

Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction to drugs or alcohol and you’re looking into treatment, there’s probably one big question ruling over all the others: Will this work?

The answer will depend on the type of substance you’re addicted to, the severity of your addiction, the depth of your desire to overcome it, how strong your support network is, and other factors.Some people go through a quick rehab program, get clean, and never have another problem with substance abuse again.  Some can also . Many others, though, may relapse and have to pick themselves back up and try again. In fact, because of the way drugs and alcohol alter the brain, the odds that addicts will experience relapse are high—it’s usually not a question of “if,” but “when.” (Drug Abuse.gov)

Relapse and the Effectiveness of Substance Abuse Treatment

Lots of people hear about the likelihood of relapse and assume that substance abuse treatment doesn’t work, which is false. For example, it wouldn’t be correct to say that “treatment” for asthma, diabetes, or another health condition, doesn’t work because people with those diseases still have trouble breathing and experience blood sugar spikes.Just like those conditions, addiction is a chronic disease. Treatment means getting it under control and providing the person who is suffering from it with the tools to better help themselves next time they experience a flare up.

When an asthmatic experiences an episode, they whip out their inhaler and spray it so they can breathe again. For those suffering from addiction, the treatment isn’t that simple. It involves detoxing, going to counseling, and other elements that treat the individual person. If someone is able to stay clean while undergoing treatment, then that treatment has been effective—even if they later relapse when they’re back on their own.Read more: 

Relapse – Why Treatment Duration Is So Important

Rather than question whether or not the treatment is successful, perhaps it’s more effective to focus on choosing the best substance abuse treatment program or clinic and seeking the right support to improve your chances of overcoming addition and staying clean over the long haul.

Over and over, research says that addicts’ ability to maintain their sobriety comes down to the duration of the treatment program they are involved in (longer is always better), and how connected that program is to social support groups in the community, in addition to the patient’s determination, treatment intensity and other factors. In short, the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment isn’t about finding something that “fixes” the problem so that you can go on with your life but instead, receiving the right ongoing care and support and developing healthy practices to overcome addiction for good.  Now you have a little better understanding of the effectiveness of substance abuse treatment, for more help or any questions, please call us.


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