Alcohol & Depression Treatment Centers

alcohol depression treatment centersDid you know that more than half of all people who enter rehab are suffering from depression or other mental health challenges in addition to their addiction?

Oftentimes those who live with psychological disorders like depression may turn to alcohol and other drugs in order to relieve the emotional pain they feel on a daily basis. The “high” lets them escape themselves for a time and enjoy the sensation of feeling good.Unfortunately, this perceived relief comes at a high price. Altering brain chemistry in this way is not only a temporary fix, it becomes less and less effective over time as your body becomes used to the sensation and begins to associate “highs” with normalcy. This makes the lows even worse, leading people to drink more and use more drugs.

Those who begin abusing alcohol or drugs aren’t immune to depression. Your body becomes accustomed to the chemicals produced during your “highs,” and it stops releasing them as much when you’re not drinking, smoking, or using other drugs. This means that previously balanced people can start to feel depressed when they aren’t artificially altering their brain chemistry with alcohol and drugs, causing them to rely on them more. When these individuals enter rehab, they not only have to fight through their addiction, but also work through the mental health problems they’ve developed or made worse. An increasingly popular solution is to check in to alcohol depression treatment centers.

Why You May Want to Consider Alcohol Depression Treatment Centers

Alcohol depression treatment centers have gained in popularity over the last few decades because many doctors have had more success by treating both the addiction and the mental health issues at the same time. It’s called dual diagnosis treatment, and it began after experts realized that these disorders were commonly linked together. The patients’ mental issues were fueling their desire for alcohol, and their addiction was making their psychological problems worse.Read more:


How are Alcohol Depression Treatment Centers Different?

  • Their dual diagnosis treatment programs focus on both the physical and the psychosocial wellbeing of the patient.
  • Alcohol depression treatment centers have a safe environment away from the negative feelings and temptations of the outside world.
  • Patients undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation so that doctors know exactly what they need to treat.
  • The therapeutic portion of your treatment will help you to understand your addiction, the role that mental health disorders play, and how to manage any medication that’s necessary for both.
  • You’ll have ongoing clinical and medical evaluations to monitor your progress for both your addiction and mental health challenges and acknowledge you how far you’ve come.
  • Alcohol depression treatment centers are staffed with an interdisciplinary team of medical experts with experience treating addiction and mental health disorders.
  • You’ll be with people just like you and learn how to support each other.
  • You’ll work with a physician who has been certified in addiction medicine to ensure that anything you take for your psychological health won’t reignite your addiction.
  • You will learn strategies to prevent a relapse – both for the addiction and for your mental health challenges.

By treating both the addiction and the mental health problem simultaneously at alcohol depression treatment centers, people can give themselves the best opportunity to leave rehab healthy and ready to live a normal life.

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