Drugs found on Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Drugs found on Justin Bieber’s Tour BusDrugs were found on Justin Bieber’s tour bus when the singer was crossing the Canadian border headed for a concert in Detroit.

U.S. Customs and Border protection spokesman, Ken Hammond, told the Detroit Free Press that a drug sniffing dog alerted to the presence of marijuana and upon searching, a small amount of the drug, along with drug paraphernalia were found. The bus driver was cited, although he and passengers were able to continue on into the country and the make the next concert as scheduled. Bieber was not cited, as he was likely in another vehicle at the time.On Twitter, Bieber called himself a “lucky guy” for dodging the bullet this time, as his name and recent antics have been plastered on media sites for the last several months. Seems his wholesome image is fading fast and his hanger-on friends have been of no help. Neighbors at his Calabasas, CA residence have complained about Bieber and friends recklessly driving his Ferrari in the gated community. Parties held at his mansion while the singer was on tour were pot and booze filled affairs that left the residence trashed. When one neighbor confronted Bieber about his dangerous driving, he allegedly spit in the man’s face, resulting in visit from the L.A. county’s sheriff and an investigation of the incident, according to a recent Router’s article. No charges were filled as of the August 6th article.

But those instances seem to be just a small part of the bad boy’s behavior as of late. Though not of legal age to consume alcohol in the U.S., photos show the pop star swilling and smiling away with friends. Other photos show the celeb passing a blunt with friends at a party in Newport Beach. And spitting now seems to a be novel way of expressing himself, as some unfortunately have discovered. Maybe fans should avoid balconies if saliva is not the type of memento desired.

A recent after-hours altercation involving his security entourage is just another blip in a growing list of the underage performer’s erratic actions. Peeing in a mop bucket and insulting former President Bill Clinton at a nightclub? Abandoning his pet Capuchin monkey, Malley, in Munich because he lacked the correct paperwork, then stiffing authorities for it’s care costs while in quarantine? And what’s with all the shirt removing?

But Bieber seems to keep avoiding consequences – perhaps the blessing or bane of the performer’s management and family. Enabling to that degree has cost many a celebrity consequences that no amount of money can fix. The cycle of addiction coupled with a fast-track lifestyle has even cost some their lives. Bieber may or may not be aware of the later effects of his emerging lifestyle choices, or that he is typical of young addicts in the making.

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