Drugs Feed Depression: A Vicious, Ongoing Cycle

drugs feed depressionDrugs Feed Depression, Depression Feeds The Need For Drugs

Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to feel emotionally unbalanced or commonly, to have a lack of interest in anything. It goes way beyond a disorder. Depression can attack once or it can be an ongoing battle. Imagine having a hole inside of you, a dark, black hole. This hole never goes away. It’s there as a constant reminder that something is wrong. So what do you do when there is something wrong? You try to fix, because this hole can only be ignored for so long.

Unfortunately, there is no switch to turn this disorder off. In order to fix this hole, you try to fill it or patch it up. What is commonly used to fill this hole? Drugs, drugs, and more drugs are piled into this hole. Drugs feed depression, by becoming a smoke screen for depression. Feeling sad, upset, or unbalanced, there’s a pill for that.
The fact of the matter is, there are so many medications available for depression, one can’t possibly name them all. That’s a scary thought. Drugs.com listed 69 drugs to treat depression. Seriously, we need 69 variations to treat this disorder? So where do you start? You need to fill this hole that is eating away at you. You want to feel normal again and be able to perform day to day activities. You want immediate results. The society we live in demands a quick fix. Why waste time talking through your problems or developing healthy coping skills, when you can pop a pill.

Here lies the problem: these drugs feed depression. That hole in you is a bottomless pit. You need to constantly fill it with these pills. Just one day off of your medication can through you into a tailspin. Basically, asking for this quick fix has enabled you to become addicted. Depression is a disorder that can affect anyone, at anytime and for various reasons. Short term or long term, it can lead to serious damage, or even suicide. With such serve outcomes, depression does need to be treated. One site stated if one medication doesn’t work, simply go back to the doctor and request a new medication. With over 69 medications to choose from, is that really safe to run down the line of medications till you find one that works? Not all medications are bad. Some people do need medication to get through depression, but shouldn’t we look into training people to cope with problems before we through medication at them?

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