Types of Meth Addiction Treatment

Types of Meth Addiction TreatmentIf you or someone you know is addicted to crystal meth, you know how serious it is. Meth causes all kinds of problems – tooth decay, sores, acne, an inability for the body to heal itself and long term cognitive deterioration, just to name a few.The high you can experience from using the drug is so addictive, that even people who want to quit find it incredibly difficult to do so. This is because meth not only causes physical withdrawal symptoms when addicts try to stop using, it also has psychological triggers that make people crave the drug.

In order to truly give it up, a meth addiction treatment program is key. Only credible crystal meth treatment centers will provide users with the tools they need to get clean and stay clean. This is because people react differently to the loss of methamphetamine in their system than they do to the removal of other drugs.Since meth causes addicts to lose dopamine receptors, probably the biggest problem isn’t that withdrawal is painful – it’s that it’s depressing. Once they stop using meth, addicts can’t feel pleasure until their brain recovers and starts producing dopamine at regular levels again. (NBC) This causes a lot of addicts to relapse even after they’ve been clean for several months, so programs need to account for the challenge specific to meth use.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, here is what you should look for in treatment:

Types of Meth Addiction Treatment: Behavioral therapy

Addicts need to be able to identify the triggers that cause them to crave meth so that they can create coping mechanisms and strategies that help them to resist.Read more: Drug Treatment

Types of Meth Addiction Treatment: Family education

Support from family and friends is vital to success, and good programs will know how to involve family members and educate them about what to expect during the addict’s recovery process.

Types of Meth Addiction Treatment: Individual counseling

The psychological effects of meth withdrawal can be so devastating that it’s important for addicts to have a one-on-one outlet with a professional where they can discuss what they’re going through.

Types of Meth Addiction Treatment: 12-Step Plans

On-going support is one of the single biggest factors in whether an addict will relapse or stay clean. 12-Step programs that guide addicts along every step of the way are incredibly helpful. Drug testing. Crystal meth addiction and treatment isn’t easy, so many programs incorporate drug testing into their model in order to ensure that no one relapses and attempts to hide it.


Possible medication

Currently, there are no legally approved medications recommended for meth treatment, but recent studies have shown that several medications have the ability to lessen cravings and reduce the “high” that people feel when using meth. These two things make meth less attractive and ease the pain of letting it go.

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