Marijuana Addiction Treatment

marijuana addiction treatment

Until the last decade or two, the idea of marijuana addiction treatment was something that a lot of people didn’t take very seriously. Weed wasn’t known to be something you became addicted to, it was often regarded as a way to relax with your friends and take the edge off.

For an increasing number of people, though, marijuana addiction treatment is a very real need. They want to stop smoking weed but they just can’t get themselves do it. Some of them have even experienced major problems in their life due to marijuana (failing out of school, losing friends and loved ones, getting in trouble with the law), but it still hasn’t been enough to tear them away from using.

Why? Because marijuana addiction is very real.

In the past, many researchers dismissed its addictive properties because there weren’t many noticeable physical withdrawal effects like with other addictive drugs and substances. How could something be addictive if people didn’t sweat, vomit, and so on when they tried to quit?But what more recent research has shown is that people find it difficult to stop smoking weed because it’s psychologically addictive – meaning, they start to think or believe you need to smoke more and develop a habit as a result – and their symptoms are more internal.


So, what does marijuana addiction treatment consist of? It’s actually quite similar to treatment for other kinds of substance abuse.


Just like with any other drug, you need to get the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), completely out of your system before your treatment can really begin. It doesn’t take as long for the effects of marijuana to wear off as it does with many other drugs, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. There are often withdrawal symptoms such as moodiness, sleeplessness, depression, and loss of appetite that can cause people to relapse if they’re not in marijuana addiction treatment.


Once the drug is out of your system, your marijuana addiction treatment will move on to a variety of counseling sessions. You may meet in groups with other people. You’ll likely talk with therapists one on one. The point is to get to the root of your problem and talk about why you want to quit and stay clean. It’s not always going to be easy, so knowing will help you prepare for the tough times.


Many people who enter treatment for marijuana may deny they have a problem—and they may not think that marijuana itself can even lead to problems. Classes at marijuana addiction treatment centers will focus on the actual chemical and psychological effects that weed can have on you as well as offer you a number of coping mechanisms so that you resist temptation and stop the habit of smoking weed.

Marijuana use in teens

Marijuana is especially harmful in teens. The risk of being exposed to and trying other drugs is far greater in teens who use marijuana. Additionally, those who use use marijuana from a young age are more susceptible to the long-term effects of the drug which can impact mental health ( If you feel a that yourself or a loved one may be struggling with marijuana or other substances, it is important to seek counseling in order to find the help you need.

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