K2 Spice Treatment

K2 spice treatmentK2 spice is an extraordinarily addictive substance.

People try spice or K2 once and, a year later, they may look back on a year wasted. The drug has gained a lot of recent notoriety as it has steadily increased in popularity over the last decade. K2 spice treatment is in it’s infancy and only one questionable form of treatment is known to exist.  Most centers treat the addiction as it would any narcotic addiction.

K2 spice was made illegal as a Schedule 1 controlled substance in 2012, putting it in the same dubious class as heroin and cocaine. It is still readily available on the internet in the form of “incense,” however, and those who favor the drug are completely disregarding the new law.

The problem with treating addiction to the substance is that it is difficult to know exactly what is being treated. The drug comes in a plethora of forms and, while the chief active ingredient is synthetic cannabinoids, the primary herbs used are as varied as: dwarf skullcap, blue lotus, wild dagga, rose hips, white and blue water lily, honeyweed, and damiana.

While some of these plants are benign, others are psychoactive, which means that K2 spice treatment types can be just as varied. Researchers aren’t even sure if it’s simply the synthetic components of the drug or a combination of the drug’s synthesized and naturally occurring ingredients that are causing all the problems. This includes not only the addiction itself, but also the drug’s side effects and the risk of psychotic events.


Common K2 Spice Treatment Types

One recently-targeted method for treating those affected by K2 spice focuses on the drug’s lingering presence in the system. One method, for example, comes from the angle that the drug’s residues accumulate in the body’s glands and organs and that remaining traces of the substance play a large part in the user’s abiding cravings. Once the drug and its constituent properties are totally removed (detoxed)  it is easier for the addict to rid him or herself of the dangerous substance’s pull.

There are no other current definitive K2 spice treatment types, but prudent advice includes:

  • Visit a Marijuana Anonymous meeting. Here you will be sure to find others struggling with K2 spice addiction and, from them, you’ll learn effective anti-addiction strategies.
  • Call our helpline or use our website dedicated to helping those dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Most helplines are available 24-hours a day, so do not be put off if you or a loved one is in crisis at a late hour. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

To learn everything you might possibly wish to know about K2 spice and its effects, speak with a counselor specializing in substance abuse.

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