Cocaine Overdose Treatment

Cocaine Overdose TreatmentA cocaine overdose can be a terrifying ordeal for everyone who is involved. Watching a family member, friend, or even yourself struggle with a cocaine addiction that leads to an overdose can be an emotionally taxing and overwhelming situation.

Many times, an overdose can be a dangerous catalyst that pushes an addict to seek help, or pushes a family member to stage an intervention.In truth an intervention can be the first step in getting your loved one the necessary help they need today, and an overdose doesn’t have to be a reason to have one.

Cocaine addiction can lead to serious health issues such as stroke, heart attack, seizures, and in certain cases, death (WebMD). The most effective cocaine overdose treatment is by taking preventive measures, as treatment options are limited once an actual overdose has occurred.

Signs of a Cocaine Overdose

Cocaine is an extreme stimulant that can cause death when too much of the drug enters the human body in a short period of time. The major warning signs of an overdose include:

  • An irregular heart beat
  • Increased heart rate
  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Seizures
  • Hyperthermia (an increase in body temperature)
For an extended list of cocaine overdose warning signs click here

If you or a person you know are experiencing any of these symptoms while on the drug, you should call for help – get to a hospital for medical care which could save your life and help limit the lasting effects of consuming too much of the drug. Overdosing on cocaine indicates a serious problem, and finding treatment beyond immediate care must be your priority.

Getting Cocaine Overdose Treatment

The best cocaine overdose treatment is to prevent an overdose from happing in the first place or preventing a repeat occurrence. In a perfect situation, a user would seek help before their cocaine addiction leads to an overdose, in order to avoid the life-threatening consequences that are associated with it. Entering a treatment center or finding resources to help you deal with a cocaine dependency is the starting point.

Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous are two established resources for dealing with an addiction. Both programs offer weekly meetings with ex-users that can provide support and guidance during the difficult process of getting clean. The programs are also free, and run on donations from their members.According to the The Journal of the American Medical Association, fatal drug overdoses in the United States have increased for the 11th consecutive year. More people continue to die because of drug-related overdoses every year, and in order to conquer your addictions and regain control of your life, finding the right resources to begin cocaine overdose treatment will mean the difference between a dangerous and healthy life.


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