Clinical Treatment for Methamphetamine

Clinical Treatment for MethamphetamineNot all drugs are created equal. When it comes to meth, this is a scientific fact.

The reason that meth makes users feel euphoric is because it increases their levels of dopamine – the natural chemical in our bodies that makes us feel pleasure. But whereas studies have shown that sex doubles the amount of dopamine released, and cocaine slightly more than triples it, using meth pumps 12 times the normal level of the chemical into our bodies. When users say they’ve never felt anything like a meth high, they’re stating the truth– nothing natural can cause that level of pleasure.

The price of meth use

However, meth use comes at a huge price, because meth causes our brain to stop producing dopamine at the levels we need, making users feel bored and even depressed with life when they’re not high. Moreover, even after just that first high, many users require more and more of the drug in order to feel similar effects, and as people continue to use meth, the dopamine receptors are eventually destroyed so that users can’t feel pleasure at all. And those effects, of course, are on top of the more well-known ones such as weight loss, tooth decay, acne, sores, and psychosis that can be caused by meth use.

The Dangers of Clinical Treatment for Methamphetamine and Detox

Clinical treatment for methamphetamine addiction isn’t something that you can just do on your own, either; you need to seek out a rehab clinic for clinical treatment for methamphetamine. Why?Because meth treatment isn’t just about getting past painful withdrawal symptoms and avoiding bars or places where you know people will be using drugs. One of the most interesting and horrible things about using meth is that it creates psychological and environmental triggers that can make you feel deep cravings for it.


Clinical treatment for methamphetamine not only requires typical detox methods, counseling, and education that you receive for an addiction to any substance; you’ll need professionals to help you learn what your triggers are so that you can come up with tools to help you better address situations when you come into contact with one post-treatment. Otherwise you might be clean for months and months only to experience a trigger and find yourself using the drug even more than you were before.

When seeking clinical treatment for methamphetamine, you should find a rehab clinic that provides or refers you to ongoing support even after detox. Staying clean requires a long-term commitment, and professional programs can also help to enlist the help of friends and family.

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