The Rise of Prescription Rehab

the rise of prescription rehab Many people think that drugs are safe as long as you get them from your doctor, but the evidence of the past decade or so directly contradicts that notion.According to a report from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), admission to rehab for prescription opiate (commonly found in painkillers) addiction increased from 8 percent in 1999 to 33 percent in 2009. That’s almost four times as many people going into prescription rehab!

What are people going to prescription rehab for?

It isn’t just any one drug that has led to this rise in prescription addiction, but there are a number of opiates that have contributed to the problem.

The Rise of Prescription Rehab: Hydrocodone

This drug, which includes Vicodin, Norco, Lortab, and Zydone, is quite successful at extreme pain relief and as a cough suppressant. Unfortunately, the sensory elevation of euphoria it can cause also lends itself to abuse. Addiction to Hydrocordone  has significantly increased and in the last 20 years, the death rate from overdosing on Hydrocodone in combination with other drugs has tripled.

The Rise of Prescription Rehab: Methadone

People who use this are probably more familiar with the names Methadose or Dolophine. Used primarily to curb cancer pain, this opiate can be taken as a pill, a liquid, or even as an injection. Some rehab facilities even use Methadone in a controlled manner to help addicts cure their addiction to other opiates like heroin.

The Rise of Prescription Rehab: Oxycodone

Oxy has received a decent amount of attention for all the problems people have had with it, but still people abuse it. Besides OxyContin, which most people understand to be a kind of Oxycodone, this drug is also known as Tylox, Lynox, Endocet, and Percocet.Addiction-problem

How does prescription rehab work?

Just like with other kinds of chemical addictions, dependence on prescription drugs isn’t something that you can simply break free of just because you have the desire to do so. Treatment is necessary to break the hold the prescription drugs have over you.Prescription rehab is similar to other kinds of treatment in that it also involves counseling, behavioral therapies, and may include a 12-step program, but these kinds of drug rehab clinics also have to consider the unique problems inherent with opiate prescription addiction. Withdrawal can be quite severe, with symptoms sometimes lasting for weeks.Because of this, it’s quite common for opioid addicts to relapse if their detox isn’t handled very carefully, so many prescription rehab programs use other drugs to ease withdrawal symptoms without giving addicts the “high” they normally get. This is an extremely complex process that requires doctors to choose just the right dosage. Over time, patients are then weaned off of these new drugs so they can be completely clean and receive standard treatment.

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