Heroin Rehabilitation Centers

heroin rehabilitation centers

Heroin is a derivative of morphine, which occurs naturally in the poppy plant. This drug is highly addictive, and conservative estimates suggest that more than 25 percent of all users develop a physical dependency. Once that dependency forms, overcoming the drug can be nearly impossible. Heroin can be injected, snorted or smoked. Doing so provides the user with a powerful and immediate sense of euphoria. They also experience increased body temperature, the sensation of heaviness in the extremities and slowed responsiveness.

Heroin users risk overdose with each use. There are also cumulative effects that can lead to infections of the heart, kidney and liver. Street heroin is often impure and includes toxic substances that can cause permanent damage to the brains and lungs.

Withdrawal symptoms for heroin addicts

Heroin addicts often do recognize the need to quit and experience a strong desire to do so. Most who try to quit without seeking help from heroin rehabilitation centers fail. The reason for this high rate of failure is the intense withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin. These symptoms include agitation, depression, muscle pain, bone pain, cold flashes, vomiting, diarrhea and severe cravings.

The primary reason why heroin rehabilitation centers are much more effective at overcoming this disease is that they have medications available, such as methadone, that can neutralize or at least curb the symptoms. With the intensity dialed down, the addict is in a much better place both physically and mentally.


Long-Term success rates

One of the grimmest aspects of heroin addiction is the relapse rates, which a very high when compared to other forms of addiction. The good news is that structured treatment greatly improves recovery rates, and the use of methadone can increase that number even further. The best rehab centers have retention rates around 75 percent and long-term success rates above 50 percent.

Heroin Rehabilitation Centers Long-Term Success Rates

Long-term success rates for those who try to kick the habit on their own are less than 10 percent. So while it is possible, it always the right decision to seek help from the professionals. A drug rehab facility can reduce the physical pain and mental anguish associated with withdrawal. More importantly, heroin rehab can provide the recovering addict with the tools and resources needed to overcome temptation and stay clean long term.

Many people are concerned with the potential costs of professional heroin rehabilitation centers. There are options, however, even for the uninsured. Public facilities receive federal funding, state funding and local grants, and they can often reduce the financial burden on the recovering addict significantly.

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