DEA Agents Had Sex Parties

DEA agents had sex parties

DEA Agents Had Sex Parties Hired by Drug Cartels

A report by the Inspector General of the Justice Department found that DEA agents had sex parties while stationed in Colombia with prostitutes provided by drug cartels. Since the release of the report, which found at least 10 agents involved, concerns have been raised about the integrity and leadership within the DEA.The investigation by the Justice Department was spurred by allegations of sexual impropriety within the DEA, FBI, ATF, and the U.S. Marshals. The DEA agents had sex parties between 2005 and 2008, though more recently DEA agents have been known to solicit prostitutes in Colombia. The DEA’s Office of Professional Responsibility found out about the incidents in 2010, which has raised questions about why the chain of command failed to address the problem in a timely manner. That higher-ranking officers within the DEA are alleged to have participated in the sex parties may have given lower-ranking officers the impression that such activities were acceptable.

The initial reports came from police officers of the host country, and ultimately seven out of 10 agents admitted to their involvement in the sex parties. The parties occurred in quarters leased by the DEA. The equipment and weapons possessed by the agents at these parties could have been compromised. While the DEA agents had sex parties, cartels or agents of the cartels were given ample opportunities to bug and surveil the quarters. The DEA agents involved were also vulnerable to being recorded engaging in these acts, which could have allowed the cartels to coerce or extort them.

Additional concerns have been raised about corruption within the DEA. Foreign officers have testified that DEA agents also received money and gifts from cartel members. Agents who are lavished with money, gifts, and women become compromised. Given that seven agents have confessed to their involvement in the sex parties, questions remain regarding whether agents were involved in assisting the cartels in their drug trafficking and other crimes. Although the agents denied knowing that the prostitutes were paid for by cartel members, the investigation suggested that it was obvious to them.

As a result of the investigation by the Justice Department Inspector General, the agents involved were given suspensions ranging from two to 10 days. Critics have found these punishments inadequate based on the possible harm done to the DEA and its efforts to curtail the drug trade. Instead, the DEA has downplayed the fact that DEA agents had sex parties with prostitutes by asserting that prostitution is more culturally accepted in Colombia and that prostitutes are typically present when cartels have meetings.

The DEA Inspector General acknowledged to the Justice Department that the training of agents must be improved before they are deployed to Colombia. The DEA has also acknowledged that coordination must be improved within the chain of command so that when reports of sexual misconduct surface they are handled more promptly and effectively.

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