The Dangers of Street Drugs: Misnamed Drugs

misnamed drugs are a huge danger and leading facotor to overdose and deathMisnamed Drugs Creates Extreme Dangers on the Streets

There has been an alarming new trend emerging from the drug scene. Misnamed drugs are being sold everywhere. Police have noticed an increase in reports of people buying a certain drug and receiving something completely different. Police are now trying to create an overall awareness for this new trend.Now while doing drugs is dangerous, not knowing what drugs you are using is on a whole new level on dangerous. This is especially dangerous for the certain people that like to mix their drugs and take various substances at one time. The effects can be deadly. Just imagine the shock to your body, if you thought you were taking a downer, but actually consumed an upper. Now add other drugs on top of that, you are looking at a serious problem and not just for you, but the people around you.

These misnamed drugs or mystery substances are being found on papers or as powders and they look like traditional party drugs. They are actually bath salts, 2C, or 25I. These drugs are much more dangerous. Police recounted an incident where a user was had taken the misnamed drug and was found on the street naked and ripping papers down and using them to harm himself. Bath salts come to mind, when hearing that story. There have been some very scary and crazy stories emerging with bath salts in the mix.

This new trend has gotten so out of control that police forces are now purchasing a device called, Tru-Narc. This device costs around $21,000, but is very beneficial for officers. Tru-Narc can determine what drug is in a bag without officers handling it. The device also completes the recognition within a shorter time frame than before. This allows police officers to make quicker judgment calls on the spot. It also helps paramedics when trying to revive or save a users life. Identifying the drug used, on the spot, will aid them in the proper treatment and care for the individual. Tru-Narc will definitely be emerging as the new tool all officers must have, especially with this new trend in selling mislabeled drugs. Police also urge anyone suffering from a case of mislabeled drug use to call for help immediately. Receiving help is the number one priority in this situation. Do not hesitate if this happening to you or a friend.

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