Is Faith-Based Recovery Right for Me?

Recovery Right For MeThe struggle against addiction can be a difficult road to travel. There are many rehab programs that offer quality treatment and help, but sometimes a person simply needs something more – something that a traditional rehabilitation center cannot provide. Many people around the world believe in God or a higher power and have a strong connection to their beliefs, which can make faith-based recovery programs quite effective.When overcoming addiction, many people in treatment rely on their faith from the every beginning. Other people who enter recovery programs begin to think in new ways and may come to examine their faith-based beliefs while in treatment. The purpose of rehab is to control your addictions, as well as examine your life and leave the program a better person. For many addicts, faith is a large part of that equation. The question is: is recovery right for me?Read more: 

What Is Faith-Based Recovery, and is this type recovery right for me?

Faith-based recovery programs center their entire treatment on the idea that the first step in overcoming any addiction is through a strong spiritual relationship with God. The idea is that basing your recovery on God and faith will give you a greater purpose to help overcome your addictions and in turn, live a more spiritual lifestyle.


These programs use a biblical approach to treatment, and provide daily prayer groups and bible studies to strengthen your relationship with God. They also provide a warm and caring environment for like-minded individuals to seek recovery from alcohol and substance abuse issues. (The Times-Picayune) Faith-based recovery programs believe that addiction is not just a disease that affects the body, but something that can corrupt the spirit and the soul as well.

What Do Faith-Based Rehab Programs Offer, and would these programs and recovery be right for me?

Faith-based treatment centers also provide the standard programs that traditional rehabs use. These centers do not forego the latest methods of rehab treatment, and use every tool for recovery at their disposal. For example, faith-based programs offer counseling, group therapy, and a specific recovery program for addicts entering the facility. The only difference between faith-based and traditional treatment is the emphasis on faith and God.

Faith-based programs also offer aftercare, and are connected to local churches to help you maintain your sobriety after completing the program. Generally, faith-based rehab facilities are Christian, but there are exceptions. You can also find many that are divided into specific denominations such as catholic and Latter-Day Saints programs. If you are looking for a faith-based program, contact us for a recommendation or conduct research to find one that focuses on your beliefs to help you through overcoming addiction to lead a healthy, spiritual life.  Now you should know the answer when you ask yourself: Is recovery Right for me?

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But how does one go about finding the right program?

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