Organizations with Drug Rehab

organizations with drug rehabFaith-based support programs can have a big impact on a local community. Many of those grass-roots organizations provide valuable services to local residents that range from feeding the homeless to providing aid during local emergencies. But some of these programs do more than simply collecting donations or spreading a religious message. There are actually  organizations with drug rehab services that are available for people struggling with substance abuse issues.

These community rehab facilities tend to be low-cost and open to anyone in need. There are many faith-based rehab programs spread across the United States. Some of the larger programs have facilities in multiple cities and states, while others are community organizations that only serve the local area, like the Jewish Center for Addiction: Prevention, Help and Hope in Chicago. Regardless of the type of program that you choose, entering organizations with drug rehab programs could be the most important step on your road to recovery.

Organizations with Drug Rehab Programs

With a worldwide membership of nearly 1.5 million people, the Salvation Army is one of the largest faith-based organizations with drug rehab programs. The organization is based on Christian principles and provides multiple services to the community along with its drug rehab programs. The goal of the Salvation Army rehab programs is to assist addicts in learning how to lead a balanced and spiritual lifestyle that does not include a dependency on drugs.

Entering the Salvation Army rehab program requires a detailed intake process and interview session. The program aims to make sure that patients are a good fit for the rehab center before they are admitted. The Salvation Army program requires a long-term commitment of a minimum of six months. The centers are located across the United States and their website provides a facility locator based on your zip code.


Other local organizations with drug rehab programs are typically connected to a local church and are funded by federal grants which are provided by the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.Search online or call us to determine if you live near community organizations with drug rehab program. Whichever program you choose, make sure it has trusted professionals who you can relate to and feel comfortable with, even on an emotional and spiritual level.

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