Is Christian Based Treatment for You?

christian alcohol treatment centers

Rehab centers, by nature, tend to base their recovery programs on scientific methods and psychological counseling practices that stray away from religion and approach that’s more humanistic. Some people prefer to keep religion of their treatment, but that doesn’t mean that the secular approach is right for everyone.So, how can you know if Christian alcohol treatment centers will work better for you than traditional clinics? Much of it has to deal with your background and belief system. Christian alcohol treatment centers might be beneficial to you if…

You’re Christian

You don’t have to be Christian to enter a Christian rehab program and not all Christians prefer them. But if you sincerely try to base your life around Christian principles, you might fit in very well at a Christian clinic, where a big part of the treatment is going to involve healing through prayer and acceptance of God.

You want to give yourself over to something

Many faith-based addiction groups and centers teach that you are powerless against your addiction and you have to let God in so that He can strengthen your heart and change your mind. If that kind of philosophy appeals to you, Christian alcohol treatment centers are probably the right way to go.Read more: Christian Rehab

You believe in healing your entire self

While most secular rehab clinics focus on changing your behavior and maintaining your sobriety, treatment centers that truly have a Christ-centered focus seek to transform your entire life philosophy and let God change you from the inside-out. For many addicts that feel they have a large mountain to climb and just aren’t happy with anything about their lives, this can be an inspiring experience spiritually while overcoming your addiction.


You’re open to a biblical perspective

While both secular and Christian alcohol treatment centers involve detox, counseling, group work, and classes, there are certain things that Christian programs offer that secular ones usually don’t. Not only will you likely be engaging in bible studies and prayer, it’s likely that every part of your treatment will be centered on Christian teachings in some way or other.

Not all Christian alcohol treatment centers operate quite this way but, at their heart, they are far more focused on faith and redemption. You might even be surprised to learn that some commonly known groups that offer rehabilitation help are based in the teachings of Christianity, such as The Salvation Army.

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