Is the Celebrity Lifestyle Prone to Addiction?

Judy Garland - celebrity lifestyle prone to addiction

Link Between The Celebrity Lifestyle Prone To Addiction

What is commonly known is that the celebrity lifestyle involves much very intensive pressure coming from many sides. First, many of their agents and managers hold to the attitude of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity, there’s only publicity” in order to make as much as they can from their clients. Also, especially in this day and age, when they become very famous, the paparazzi often follows them everywhere and records every little thing that they do and fries them for every little mistake that they make and worse, sometimes creates scandals out of something that is not a scandal at all.

Even though there appears to be a very high correlation between the celebrity lifestyle and addiction, according to Addiction Search, one doesn’t have anything to do with the other alone. An addiction by definition involves obsessive thoughts combined with a compulsive need for the substance, sex, food, etc. Currently, it’s not thought of as something that develops overnight, “addiction” is also a term that is also used to define physical dependence and increasing tolerance for the object in question.

That being said, maybe one reason that the celebrity lifestyle is so prone to addiction is possibly that because it means more publicity, and as a result, more income for their staff. Also, combine that with the paparazzi constantly chasing them around and the pressure to perform well and you have just triggered an intense fear of failure on the celebrity.

The issue of the celebrity lifestyle prone to addiction is nothing really new, it’s simply that the difference between now and Judy Garland’s time is that during the latter time, celebrity addictions were thought of as nasty scandals to be covered up as much as possible. Back then, doctors were also actively prescribing amphetamines to help wake them up and barbiturates to help them sleep. It basically turned out to be a direct way to help them develop addictions. Judy Garland, for example, was prone to clinical depression in the first place and became addicted to the pills in order to attempt to numb the feelings until it killed her when she was in her late forties.One slightly positive difference now is that once a celebrity’s addiction goes public, as much negative scrutiny that they receive, they also usually gain the support of the public.


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