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Category Archives: Youth and Drug Abuse

Recent Studies Link Drug Addiction and Alcoholism to Childhood Abuse

Research studies show a strong link between childhood abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, structural brain development, alcoholism, and drug addiction. According to neurological studies, childhood abuse has a negative effect on the development of the brain. There is a link between childhood abuse and brain structure anomalies that cause behavioral, social, and cognitive impairments. Growing Continue Reading

Hey Teens! Do You Really Want to Hit Rock Bottom?

Is it really necessary to reach the lowest point before you can begin to turn yourself around? Some people convince themselves they’ll never be able to quit until they reach that point, and even use that as an excuse to put off dealing with their problem. But too often these people haven’t really considered just what it means to hit rock bottom, and the fact that by then it might be too late. For every person that has recovered at that point, there are dozens that just kept on sinking. And there’s absolutely no good reason to go there.

3 Myths Associated with Adolescent Drug Behavior

You may think using drugs is okay because you have seen or heard about kids at your school or in your neighborhood who use them. It seems like everyone is doing it.

Victims of Addiction

Victims of Addiction Include More than Just the UserWe’ve all heard it and those in recovery have also said it. “It’s my body. I can do what I want with it. I’m not hurting anyone but myself.” At first go, one may take a pause – maybe to wish that were true, or to just Continue Reading

Reducing Drug Addiction: Prescription Drug Regulation

A drug doesn’t have to be manufactured in someone’s basement to be dangerous; pharmacy drug abuse has become a huge problem in the United States. Many people may think that abusing  medications from the pharmacy is safer than abusing other illicit substances because they have been prescribed by a doctor, but misusing prescription drugs carries Continue Reading

Why Do Students Take "Study Drugs?"

In an increasingly competitive academic clime and difficult post-graduation job market, more and more high school and college students are turning to stimulants and amphetamines to get an edge. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication for students is widely available on campuses, even though only about 4% of adults meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Continue Reading

More Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Drugs

Illness and Death Linked to Synthetic Marijuana in Colorado Senate Caucus to Address these Dangerous Drugs There were at least 150 sickened, and three deaths linked to synthetic Marijuana in Colorado, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These alarming figures give credence to the fact that Continue Reading

Teens: Ways to Avoid Drug Use While Facing Peer Pressure

There have been countless news stories and psychology studies looking at how people are at their most susceptible to peer pressure when they’re in their teens, and there are just as many anti-drug campaigns aimed at this demographic. Scientists suggest that we’re most susceptible to peer pressure when we’re teens because at this age, we Continue Reading

Legalized Marijuana

Illinois has recently passed legislation to become one of 20 states that currently supports decriminalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Although the law doesn’t go into effect until January 2014, one clinic has already opened it’s doors to potential users in order to establish a “prior relationship” with clients before they may be Continue Reading

Internet Addiction - How the Internet can be Addictive

When talking addictions, most think of alcohol and drugs. But there are other addictions, that don’t involve the ingestion of a substance, but rather a type of behavior. According to an article in Forbes, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-V) is looking to include Internet Addiction Disorer (IUD) as an actual mental Continue Reading