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Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses He Is An Alcoholic

80’s Heartthrob Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses He Is An Alcoholic Jan-Michael Vincent has come forward about being an alcoholic. Many are not shocked by this news. This actor best known for his role in the television show Airwolf in the 80’s had a long record of incidents with alcohol. As Jan-Michael Vincent Confesses he is an Continue Reading

Icann Underfire for Illegal Online Drug Sales

Illegal Online Drug Sales Continue Even After the FDA and Other Companies Report Them   With an estimate of over 36 million Americans buying prescription drugs online, without a prescription, the FDA is taking action. The FDA and other companies are running into a huge problem. How do you track down and regulate illegal online Continue Reading

The Dangers of Street Drugs: Misnamed Drugs

Misnamed Drugs Creates Extreme Dangers on the Streets There has been an alarming new trend emerging from the drug scene. Misnamed drugs are being sold everywhere. Police have noticed an increase in reports of people buying a certain drug and receiving something completely different. Police are now trying to create an overall awareness for this Continue Reading

Eric Holder Resigns, Is that Good or Bad in the World of Drugs?

Eric Holder Resigns: Drug Policy Advocates Expressed Disappointment Eric Holder resigns from his position, once his replacement is found. With this announcement made at the end of September, policy advocates are upset. From drug policy advocates to criminal justice advocates, everyone is wondering who will replace Eric Holder? Another big question is, will his replacement Continue Reading

Best Man Dies of Overdose After Reception

Best Man Dies of Overdose at His Brother’s Wedding On September 19, 2010, the Poti family was devastated. They found out that Nicholas Poti had died of a drug overdose. Just the day before Nicholas was the best man at his older brother’s wedding. This sad incident of the best man dies of overdose is Continue Reading

1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking

1 Million Dollar Lottery Winner Charged With Drug Trafficking and More Gary L. Bond, 32, a carpenter, was arrested in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Bond had just won $1 million dollars on a scratch off lottery ticket in August. Police found a marijuana growing operation and 21 grams of cocaine in his apartment. Bond was arrested and Continue Reading

Drug-free Therapy For Children

Drug-free Therapy Tested For Young Kids With Depression   This day in age if your child is out of control with tantrums and other behavioral issues, get them to a doctor. The doctor will then prescribe countless medications. These medications will numb your child into what you want, a calm, docile child. Is this really Continue Reading

Son of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

Son of Robert Downey Jr., Indio Downey, Enters a Drug Diversion Program   Indio Downey, son of Robert Downey Jr. was arrested back in June for possessing cocaine. It was a routine traffic stop. Indio was a passenger in the car. No one else in the car was arrested, just Indio for possession of cocaine. This Continue Reading

Drugs Feed Depression: A Vicious, Ongoing Cycle

Drugs Feed Depression, Depression Feeds The Need For Drugs   Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to feel emotionally unbalanced or commonly, to have a lack of interest in anything. It goes way beyond a disorder. Depression can attack once or it can be an ongoing battle. Imagine having a hole inside of Continue Reading

Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs Into Aramark Prison

Tragic Drug Smuggling Incident at Aramark Prison; Prison Worker Smuggles Drugs In   Aramark Prison Worker Smuggles DrugsOn September 16, 2014, an unidentified food service worker who was employed at the Aramark prison was caught smuggling marijuana into the facility. Five prisoners were found to also have cocaine, heroin, and tobacco in their possession. A total Continue Reading