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Vaping and Teens

What is Vaping? Electronic cigarettes are all the rage with teenagers nowadays. Essentially, e-cigs are devices that heat up a liquid to boiling so that you can ingest the vapor produced by them. The liquid comes in a variety of flavors, from chocolate to bubble gum. Since vaping gives off no smoke, you would not Continue Reading

Trends In Teen Drug Use

Drug usage is a problem that has played a dominant role in teenagers’ lives. Some of them experiment once or twice, and others develop problems with addiction. Whether teens are using opioids, synthetic cannabinoids or other harmful drugs, trends change. Drugs that were heavily used in previous decades have faded to some degree, and other Continue Reading

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana

Sheriffs Sue Colorado For Legalizing Marijuana Because It Is Not Legal Federally Marijuana, Is it legal or not? Well, that depends on who you ask and which guidelines they follow. Some states have recently legalized the selling and use of marijuana, but federally marijuana is still illegal. Sheriffs sue Colorado for legalizing marijuana, because it Continue Reading

Pete Doherty Writes About Addiction

Pete Doherty Writes About Addiction and How He Finally Came to His Senses Pete Doherty made quite a name for himself in music and drugs, being one of Hollywood’s most notorious junkies. He was seen everywhere with the late Amy Whinehouse. They denied any rumors about their relationship, but after Amy’s death, Pete came forward Continue Reading

Newest Drug Trafficking Hub is Argentina

How Did Argentina Become the Newest Drug Trafficking Hub? When mentioning drug hubs or locales of drug in South American, Argentina was never at the top of this list. Argentina may have been used as a pass through country, making occasional stops along the routine to deport drugs. For the most part Argentina has remained Continue Reading

Top 10 Prescription Drugs Prescribed In America

The Top 10 Prescription Drugs Prescribed In America Based on Monthly Prescriptions 1. Synthroid was prescribed on average, 22.6 million times in a month. Synthroid is a replacement those who do not produce enough hormones that normally are produced by your thyroid gland to regulate the body’s energy and metabolism. This number one prescribed drug Continue Reading

Oscar Taveras Was Intoxicated During His Fatal Crash

Oscar Taveras Had a Blood Alcohol Level of Five Times Legal Limit During the Fatal Crash The 22 year old, St. Louis Cardinals rookie outfielder, Oscar Taveras, was intoxicated at the time of his fatal car crash, that killed him and his 18 year old girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo. At the time of the accident, the Continue Reading

FBI Shuts Down Black Market Website Silk Road

FBI Shuts Down Black Market Website Silk Road Again and Arrests the Owner One year after the FBI shuts down the black market website Silk Road, the FBI has shut it down once again. Silk Road 2.0 was shut down earlier this month by the FBI. This comes as a shock, due to the fact Continue Reading

Drugs Harmful Effects on the Body Show Dangerous Results

  Drugs Harmful Effects on the Body Show Just How Dangerous Drugs Are By now, we all know drugs are bad for you. With social media, the news, and many other sources, we are constantly being bombarded with the drug overdose of a celebrity or a drunk driving accident that killed 10 people. It seems Continue Reading

16,000 Missing Pills: Drug Theft in U-M Hospital

Drug Theft in U-M Hospital Leads to the Death of One Nurse and the Overdose of a Doctor in One Day Drug theft in U-M Hospital is on the rise, an alarming rise. It was reported that over the past 2 years over 16,000 pills, along with other medications have gone missing at the University Continue Reading