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Category Archives: Drugs and the Law

The Death Penalty Drug-Good or Bad?

We live in times when drug makers have a lot to say about the health and happiness of the general public. We’re in the crux of a prescription painkiller epidemic, caused in part by manufacturers of these painkillers urging physicians to prescribe them as a first-course treatment for pain. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration Continue Reading

Lesser-Known Company Benefits to Help You Stay Healthy After Rehab

For anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, one of the scariest thoughts about entering rehab might be that it could jeopardize your job. In-patient rehab treatment can last for a month or more, and if you work full-time, taking all that time off to get help with your addiction may seem unthinkable. However, Continue Reading

Reducing Drug Addiction: Prescription Drug Regulation

A drug doesn’t have to be manufactured in someone’s basement to be dangerous; pharmacy drug abuse has become a huge problem in the United States. Many people may think that abusing  medications from the pharmacy is safer than abusing other illicit substances because they have been prescribed by a doctor, but misusing prescription drugs carries Continue Reading

More Reasons to Avoid Synthetic Drugs

Illness and Death Linked to Synthetic Marijuana in Colorado Senate Caucus to Address these Dangerous Drugs There were at least 150 sickened, and three deaths linked to synthetic Marijuana in Colorado, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These alarming figures give credence to the fact that Continue Reading

How Effective Are Drug Detection Dogs?

For anyone struggling with an addiction to an illegal substance, it’s not just the physical and physiological symptoms of addiction that they have to contend with… it’s also the fact that there can be harsh consequences for being caught (often publicly) with an illegal drug. And one thing they might wonder about is how effective Continue Reading