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From Drug to Drug: Prescriptions Aid in Addiction Treatment

Treating a drug addiction with another drug might at first sound counterintuitive—isn’t that just replacing one problem with another? And in fact, that has been a criticism of some drugs like methadone, which is used to treat opioid addictions but that can lead to patients developing a tolerance for and a dependence on this treatment. Continue Reading

Drug Usage by Regional Location: What to Watch For

Have you ever wondered how drug usage varies in different regions of the United States? It’s something that’s important to consider, especially if you’re recently sober and are going to be moving or traveling soon. Drug culture varies widely by state, so here’s a breakdown of some of the highest rates of drug use in Continue Reading

Reducing Drug Addiction: Prescription Drug Regulation

A drug doesn’t have to be manufactured in someone’s basement to be dangerous; pharmacy drug abuse has become a huge problem in the United States. Many people may think that abusing  medications from the pharmacy is safer than abusing other illicit substances because they have been prescribed by a doctor, but misusing prescription drugs carries Continue Reading

Smoking Cessation Drugs Found Not to Increase Suicide Risk

One of the most common news headlines is that smoking cessation drugs are linked to suicide risk. Chantix’s coverage by Fox News and other outlets has painted the entire industry with the same brush, and it’s made individuals who could really benefit from smoking cessation drugs avoid them. This is a serious problem, and it’s Continue Reading

Treatment Center takes Fresh Look at Naltrexone Delivery - by Implant

Naltrexone therapy is one in an arsenal of treatments available to those battling alcohol or opiate addictions. Although the drug itself may be an effective tool for relapse prevention, it’s success has been undermined by the compliance factor. In pill form, the drug must be taken every 24-48 hours. Many would simply skip or forget Continue Reading

Online Gambling: Is it Too Easy to Engage In?

Being addicted to online gambling is a dangerous and habitually destructive thing to engage in. For those who choose to engage in Internet gambling, he or she can sit in the comfort and safety of their home and lose a great deal of money. It is important to note that Internet gambling has become such Continue Reading

Silk Road Stopped - Online Site Dealt Drugs and More…

He managed to stay under the radar for over two years, but now Ross Ulbricht has sacrificed his freedom and will face charges stemming from his operation of Silk Road, an online marketplace that sold everything from drugs to guns to computer and ATM hacking lessons – even assassins for the right price. This young Continue Reading

First Inpatient Internet Addiction Treatment Program Opens

Like anything, the internet can be addictive The internet has done much to spread information quickly to a vast audience, thank you modern technology! But while it may be an asset for most, there are those who have taken things to far – actually becoming addicted to the internet – using it to meet people, Continue Reading

Why Do Students Take "Study Drugs?"

In an increasingly competitive academic clime and difficult post-graduation job market, more and more high school and college students are turning to stimulants and amphetamines to get an edge. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication for students is widely available on campuses, even though only about 4% of adults meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Continue Reading