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Teen Drinking Damages Brain

Heavy Drinking v. Teen Brain The effects of a vodka-soaked night do not simply vanish after a person’s head finally stops throbbing on the following evening. Even after the lingering buzz has finally worn off and the eyes can open in sunlight without burning pain, alcohol is still acting upon the body and brain behind Continue Reading

Recent Studies Link Drug Addiction and Alcoholism to Childhood Abuse

Research studies show a strong link between childhood abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, structural brain development, alcoholism, and drug addiction. According to neurological studies, childhood abuse has a negative effect on the development of the brain. There is a link between childhood abuse and brain structure anomalies that cause behavioral, social, and cognitive impairments. Growing Continue Reading

Alcohol Withdrawal

Dealing with an addiction to alcohol can quickly become overwhelming not just for the individual who is using alcohol, but surrounding friends and family members who are struggling to help with the addiction itself. Overcoming and defeating an addiction to alcohol can be done by understanding withdrawal signs, symptoms and how to help those in Continue Reading

The Death Penalty Drug-Good or Bad?

We live in times when drug makers have a lot to say about the health and happiness of the general public. We’re in the crux of a prescription painkiller epidemic, caused in part by manufacturers of these painkillers urging physicians to prescribe them as a first-course treatment for pain. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration Continue Reading

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford; Slick or Sick?

An Admitted Alcoholic Those who watch Jane Velez-Mitchell know she is in recovery, and she has no bones about admitting she is an alcoholic. Indeed, Ms. Velez-Mitchell, at 18 years of continuous sobriety, is a stunning example of the positive changes that can happen for all of us when we began to learn to change our Continue Reading

Bar Breathalyzer

Belly Up and Breathe! Those who have teetered on the edge, trying to decide if they are safe to drive or not, now have an option to take away the guesswork – and the possibility of a free night in jail.  Entrepreneur and student, Jason Knott, nearly had a DUI when he decided it was Continue Reading

Chicago Tobacco Crackdown

City of Chicago getting Tough on Smokers, E-cigs included Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants Illinois smokers to curb their nasty habit by adding another 75 cent per pack tax to cigarettes and further regulating e-cigarettes. This new tax is added to the dollar increase passed in March. The new tax will bring the overall tax Continue Reading

Victims of Addiction

Victims of Addiction Include More than Just the UserWe’ve all heard it and those in recovery have also said it. “It’s my body. I can do what I want with it. I’m not hurting anyone but myself.” At first go, one may take a pause – maybe to wish that were true, or to just Continue Reading

What to Avoid in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Substance abuse and mental health services are just like anything else – there are facilities and types of treatment that are truly valuable and helpful, and there are things that just seem to prolong the problem or even make it worse. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to differentiate between the two – especially when you’re Continue Reading

Lesser-Known Company Benefits to Help You Stay Healthy After Rehab

For anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, one of the scariest thoughts about entering rehab might be that it could jeopardize your job. In-patient rehab treatment can last for a month or more, and if you work full-time, taking all that time off to get help with your addiction may seem unthinkable. However, Continue Reading