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Category Archives: Alcoholism

Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol Her Entire Life

The 31-year-old Found Dead After A Month-long Search, Michaela Diemer Struggled With Alcohol The body of 31 one year old Michaela Diemer was found on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, a month after she was reported missing. After her death, her parents explained the tragic struggle she had with alcoholism. In fact, her last days alive Continue Reading

How Do You Define Alcoholism?

The American Medical Association defines alcoholism as a disease. It concludes that alcoholism is a chronic disease that has environmental, psychosocial, and genetic factors that all play a role in the development and manifestation of alcohol dependence. This comprehensive definition was published in 1992 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. To the layman, Continue Reading

The Real Meaning of Binge Drinking

A Common Occurrence Binge drinking is a destructive pattern of consuming alcohol that causes the person’s blood alcohol level to rise to .08 percent or higher, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Unfortunately, binge drinking has become all too common in the U.S. and is now the most common pattern of alcohol Continue Reading

The 5 Most Popular Drugs in The US

Drug addiction and abuse affects millions of Americans. With a variety of different drugs now available to use and abuse, many find themselves addicted and in need of professional treatment. While different drugs rise and falls in terms of use and popularity each year, these five are some of the most popular in the U.S. Continue Reading

5 Ways Those Suffering From Addiction Hide It

Identifying a loved one who is abusing drugs or alcohol can be challenging, especially if your loved ones are still handling their personal responsibilities. If you are concerned that a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, then you may need to identify the way that your loved one may be hiding their substance use Continue Reading