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Category Archives: Alcoholism

Teen Drinking Damages Brain

Heavy Drinking v. Teen Brain The effects of a vodka-soaked night do not simply vanish after a person’s head finally stops throbbing on the following evening. Even after the lingering buzz has finally worn off and the eyes can open in sunlight without burning pain, alcohol is still acting upon the body and brain behind Continue Reading

Recent Studies Link Drug Addiction and Alcoholism to Childhood Abuse

Research studies show a strong link between childhood abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, structural brain development, alcoholism, and drug addiction. According to neurological studies, childhood abuse has a negative effect on the development of the brain. There is a link between childhood abuse and brain structure anomalies that cause behavioral, social, and cognitive impairments. Growing Continue Reading

Alcoholism Shortens Life An Average 7.6 Years

Alcoholism Shortens Life And Leads To More Illnesses Alcoholism is a dangerous avenue to venture into. It ruins your life, relationships with other people, and your health. Not only does it ruin your life, alcoholism shortens life on an average of 7.6 years. A study was preformed on patients hospitalized with and without alcoholism. These Continue Reading

Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence

Heather Cook, Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence Heather Cook was indicted earlier this month on 13 charges. These chargers include the death of a Baltimore bicyclist, homicide, drunk driving, texting while driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Headlines everywhere having been stating this shocking news as, “Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Continue Reading

The Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When Does Recreational Drug and Alcohol Use Become Drug and Alcohol Abuse? Many people drink and use heavily on occasion. Others drink and drug regularly, but not to excess. Still others drink and drug regularly and heavily with no ill effects. It can be difficult to determine when substance use becomes drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 Americans Daily

Researchers Found That Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 Americans Daily “Alcohol Poisoning Kills 6 Americans Daily” is the title of a recent news story. This story line seems like old news. We’ve all heard of the tragedies of teenagers and younger adults drinking more alcohol than their bodies could handle and dying of the poison that Continue Reading

5 Benefits to Stop Drinking

Benefits to Stop Drinking: Five Reasons Why Now Might Be the Time to Quit Drinking Responsible adults enjoy alcohol for various reasons, but drinking isn’t right for everyone. You may simply feel unsuited to the culture, or you could have deeper, health-related concerns; in either case, making the decision to stop drinking can be a huge Continue Reading

5 Myths About Alcoholism

5 Myths About Alcoholism That May Help Out Many People Many myths about alcoholism abound, and it seems that their purpose is to keep people from admitting that they have a drinking problem. If you have heard any of the five myths about alcoholism from a loved one, you may have someone who would benefit Continue Reading

Girl Born with Fetal Alcohol Disorder Wants to Sue Mom

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause fetal alcohol syndrome or fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Kids Health explains that women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are risking the possibility that a child will be born with physical and mental health deficiencies that could have been prevented. In Britain, a seven year old girl has asked for Continue Reading

Is There a Pill to Cure Alcoholism?

Could a new pill be a magical “cure” for alcoholism? Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently announced new guidelines for the use of Nalmefene, a daily tablet that could theoretically keep cravings for alcohol at bay, according to the Guardian. According to initial research, Nalmefene works by blocking the part of Continue Reading