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Category Archives: Addiction

5 Brain Structures Affected by Substance Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction severely disrupts the precise interplay among the thousands of ongoing bioelectrochemical processes that allows the brain to function normally.

Understanding Drug Addiction in the United States

Drug and alcohol use is a real problem in the United States. By the time a child becomes a senior in high school, he or she has a 66 percent chance of having used alcohol in his or her lifetime.

ADHD and Addiction

ADHD and Addiction, Is Substance Abuse More Common In Those With ADHD? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), also known as attention deficit disorder (ADD) has been linked to substance abuse in teens and adults. ADHD is a medical condition where there is hyperactivity, inability to focus, and poor impulse control. Those with ADHD have trouble Continue Reading

Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence

Heather Cook, Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Driving Under the Influence Heather Cook was indicted earlier this month on 13 charges. These chargers include the death of a Baltimore bicyclist, homicide, drunk driving, texting while driving and fleeing the scene of an accident. Headlines everywhere having been stating this shocking news as, “Episcopal Bishop Killed Biker Continue Reading

The Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When Does Recreational Drug and Alcohol Use Become Drug and Alcohol Abuse? Many people drink and use heavily on occasion. Others drink and drug regularly, but not to excess. Still others drink and drug regularly and heavily with no ill effects. It can be difficult to determine when substance use becomes drug and alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

New Local Group Educates About Drug Addiction

New Year, New Mission, In Oregon City a New Local Group Educates About Drug Addiction Drugs cause pain or loss to almost everyone who uses them and to almost everyone who knows anyone who uses them. More powerful than most people can imagine, drugs take commanding control of a person’s life and often end it. Continue Reading