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Category Archives: Addiction

Teen Drinking Damages Brain

Heavy Drinking v. Teen Brain The effects of a vodka-soaked night do not simply vanish after a person’s head finally stops throbbing on the following evening. Even after the lingering buzz has finally worn off and the eyes can open in sunlight without burning pain, alcohol is still acting upon the body and brain behind Continue Reading

Why is Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine Addiction. Just the mere mention of the word elicits thoughts of struggle, homelessness, and broken hearts. While drug addiction is one the rise, cocaine is sometimes glamorized in movies, songs, and television shows. Even though there is a heavy association with Hollywood and fame, cocaine is a highly addictive drug that can tear people Continue Reading

Recent Studies Link Drug Addiction and Alcoholism to Childhood Abuse

Research studies show a strong link between childhood abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, structural brain development, alcoholism, and drug addiction. According to neurological studies, childhood abuse has a negative effect on the development of the brain. There is a link between childhood abuse and brain structure anomalies that cause behavioral, social, and cognitive impairments. Growing Continue Reading

Hey Teens! Do You Really Want to Hit Rock Bottom?

Is it really necessary to reach the lowest point before you can begin to turn yourself around? Some people convince themselves they’ll never be able to quit until they reach that point, and even use that as an excuse to put off dealing with their problem. But too often these people haven’t really considered just what it means to hit rock bottom, and the fact that by then it might be too late. For every person that has recovered at that point, there are dozens that just kept on sinking. And there’s absolutely no good reason to go there.

Impact of Substance Abuse on Mental Health

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, individuals with mental health disorders are two-times more likely to abuse drugs than the general population.

Dealing with the Signs of Addiction

Knowing what addiction is and how it looks can assist in getting treatment in the beginning stages, and this can improve outcomes for those suffering from addiction.

How the Molecule CREB Helps Explain Addictive Behavior

Finding a way to turn off the effects of CREB in the nucleus accumbens may reset the brain’s reward pathway. This could be used to break the associations between drugs and reward in the person’s brain.