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Category Archives: Addiction Treatment

What to Avoid in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Substance abuse and mental health services are just like anything else – there are facilities and types of treatment that are truly valuable and helpful, and there are things that just seem to prolong the problem or even make it worse. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to differentiate between the two – especially when you’re Continue Reading

Get Help for You and an Elderly Parent with an Alcohol Addiction

Our bodies and minds naturally deteriorate as we age, but talking about or dealing with the consequences of these changes is anything but easy. How do you bring up the fact that you don’t want your dad driving anymore because his reflexes have slowed? Or that the reason your mother’s neighbors are “lying” about the Continue Reading

Treatment Center takes Fresh Look at Naltrexone Delivery - by Implant

Naltrexone therapy is one in an arsenal of treatments available to those battling alcohol or opiate addictions. Although the drug itself may be an effective tool for relapse prevention, it’s success has been undermined by the compliance factor. In pill form, the drug must be taken every 24-48 hours. Many would simply skip or forget Continue Reading

First Inpatient Internet Addiction Treatment Program Opens

Like anything, the internet can be addictive The internet has done much to spread information quickly to a vast audience, thank you modern technology! But while it may be an asset for most, there are those who have taken things to far – actually becoming addicted to the internet – using it to meet people, Continue Reading

Cost of Addiction: From Drug Production to Usage to Rehab

Many of the steepest costs are things to which you can’t assign a dollar value. How do you determine the “cost”, for example, of missing your son’s graduation or ruining your marriage or career? Since 80 percent of neglect and child abuse cases involve substance abuse, what does that “expense” mean? (Forbes) But even if Continue Reading

Not your Mamma’s Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are worn by women of all ages as a summertime fashion accessory, but there is one type of ankle bracelet that men wear as well, though most are not exactly happy about it. Called a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor ), this device is yet another tool in the battle to keep Continue Reading

How Can Your Primary Care Physician Help Before and After Rehab?

Your primary care physician can play a huge role in the diagnosis, treatment of, and recovery from an addiction problem. Many times, a primary care physician is the first one to identify that there is a serious problem and is the catalyst for a patient going to rehab. So how exactly can your doctor help Continue Reading

Trends in Addiction Rehab: New Rehabilitation Practices

For years, whether your specific problem led you to luxury alcoholism rehab or some other kind of residential drug rehab facility, the treatment was likely to be the same – some version of a 12-step program that was created decades ago by people who were (at best) on the fringes of the scientific and medical Continue Reading

Newborn Withdrawal from Opiates

With the increase in opiate prescriptions over the last decade, it’s a given that many become addicted to what their doctors prescribe. Add to that an overall increase in those who find their opiates on the street, and you may get an idea of the scope of this serious problem. But alongside those moms-to-be facing Continue Reading

Internet Addiction - How the Internet can be Addictive

When talking addictions, most think of alcohol and drugs. But there are other addictions, that don’t involve the ingestion of a substance, but rather a type of behavior. According to an article in Forbes, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-V) is looking to include Internet Addiction Disorer (IUD) as an actual mental Continue Reading