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Category Archives: Addiction Treatment

8 Ways to Get Help for Drug Addiction

If a loved one is struggling with drug addiction, your may feel frustrated, isolated and overwhelmed. The good news is that you are not, in fact, alone. From community groups to online networks, there are many supportive resources to help your loved one take the first steps towards getting sober. From finding the right treatment Continue Reading

MI Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Legislation Requiring Emergency Medical Responders be Trained to Administer Medications to Stop Drug Overdoses Approximately 100 people die each day because of drug overdose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making it a more frequent cause of death among 25 to 64-year-olds than motor vehicle accidents. The Continue Reading

Common Underlying Mental Health Issues in Addiction

Addiction is a disease that must be considered in context. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, nearly 9 million Americans struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health problems. Dealing with addiction and another mental health issue is often called a “dual diagnosis” in treatment settings. Despite being very common, dual diagnosis situations Continue Reading

What to Say During an Intervention

If a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be extremely difficult to stand by and watch this person destroy their life. No one wants a loved one to be hurt. Unfortunately, this is the position that many family members and friends find themselves in when loved ones are abusing drugs or alcohol. Continue Reading

5 Unique Addiction Treatment Methods

Different Methods Work for Different People Some individuals who would like help with a substance abuse issue are simply not interested in the traditional kinds of treatment plans. They may have biases about them, or they may have tried them before without the results they were hoping for. For those people who would prefer to Continue Reading

5 Untrue Drug Addiction Stereotypes

Millions of Americans suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, with many more experimenting with drugs every year. Despite this high prevalence, drug abuse remains stigmatized within American society. Americans commonly hold stereotypes about drug addiction that maintain this stigma against those in treatment or recovery. Only “down and out” types struggle with addiction. Continue Reading

The Best Ways to Afford Rehab

Making the decision to recover from substance abuse or helping a loved one who has decided to enter a treatment program can be the first step toward a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. The biggest concern that may arise is how to pay for rehab so that it is possible to start working on recovery. Fortunately, Continue Reading

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center, approximately 7 in 10 Americans are taking a minimum of one prescription drug on a regular basis. As much as half are taking two or more. When taken as directed, these medications can provide symptomatic relief and in some cases, life-saving benefits. But when Continue Reading

Alcohol Withdrawal

Dealing with an addiction to alcohol can quickly become overwhelming not just for the individual who is using alcohol, but surrounding friends and family members who are struggling to help with the addiction itself. Overcoming and defeating an addiction to alcohol can be done by understanding withdrawal signs, symptoms and how to help those in Continue Reading

Victims of Addiction

Victims of Addiction Include More than Just the UserWe’ve all heard it and those in recovery have also said it. “It’s my body. I can do what I want with it. I’m not hurting anyone but myself.” At first go, one may take a pause – maybe to wish that were true, or to just Continue Reading