Bottoms Up! er...sorta...

Butt Chugging causes alcohol poisoning College kids always seem to find new and unusual ways to imbibe spirits in an effort to outdo one another and perhaps avoid hangovers. While not rocket science, this school of fools methodology has found some unique delivery tricks good for getting the edgy high desired, but these methods are not without risks.

Butt Chugging, anyone?

We know straight alcohol doesn’t always taste good at first try, but while this method of delivery can get around all that, it isn’t the most tasteful (ahem…) way to achieve a buzz. But it will pack an immediate punch, bringing one’s blood alcohol level from zero to whatever in no time at all. Butt chugging bypasses the usual way of drinking in which the body breaks down alcohol in a process aided by the liver. Butt chuggers forgo the stomach and pour the alcohol directly into the colon via a rubber tube or funnel.

These alcohol enemas have caused problems for some, like 20-year-old Alexander Broughton, of Memphis, TN, who was rushed to the hospital unresponsive, with a dangerous blood alcohol level of .40 – five times the legal limit and in the “death zone,” according to a CNN article. Luckily, he was treated and released, but the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity was in a bit of embarrassing trouble over the incident – stressing that it wasn’t part of a hazing ritual.

Introducing alcohol directly through the rectum poses the real threat of alcohol poisoning, since the spirits go directly to the bloodstream. The abundance of blood vessels and capillaries in the colon assures the alcohol will be absorbed in no time – providing an intense level of intoxication, according to gastroenterologist Dr. Preston Stewart in the source interview.“Our stomachs and livers use an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase to break down alcohol and make it less toxic, but booze enters the bloodstream unfiltered when it’s poured into the gastrointestinal tract,” said Stewart.

Dr. Aaron White, of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, also added his take on the issue.“In the past year or so there have been several stories about young people finding unique ways to get alcohol in their bodies,” said White. He believes avoiding hangovers and preventing vomiting are behind the trend, but also notes that vomiting excess alcohol is the way the body’s way of preventing alcohol poisoning. Butt chuggers have no way of really knowing how much pure alcohol they are getting.

In 2006, Michael Warner died after his wife administered around three liters of Sherry that way. Apparently, Warner was an alcoholic unable to ingest the stuff orally due to a painful throat ailment, so his dutiful wife helped him out. She was indicted on negligent homicide charges, which were later dropped.

There are other not-so-novel ways of discreetly delivering alcohol to one’s system as follows…


Soak ’em and insert ’em, according to an ABC News story. We’re talking vodka soaked tampons, and it’s not only females who use them! Men use them, too, but insert anally. This is called “Slimming” and is a way underage drinkers can avoid smelling of alcohol. Though refuted the rumors of this practice, a Phoenix police officer and a physician both said they have witnessed cases of this. It’s been said that this and butt-chugging are not painless methods of delivery.

Boozy Bears, Drunk Gummies, Rummy Bears

In 2011, Florida Health officials discovered underage kids – some as young as middle-schoolers, were soaking their gummie bears in alcohol as a way to get drunk right under teachers noses! The kids lay the gummies in a shallow tray with alcohol, and by morning, the bears have soaked it all up, making them both plump and potent! This has been seen in New York and Nebraska, and probably other states by the time this is being read.

Eyeball Shots (Eyeballing)

No, no, no!!! This method definitely has a creep-out factor right up front! You can find it on YouTube video, so there are those who will try this, but probably not many. As well as being not for the faint at heart, this method is also not without risk. The delicate tissue of the eyes (same as with the rectum or vagina) absorbs the alcohol fast enough to cause concern over the real possibility of overdose and alcohol poisoning. And the burn factor is inescapable for all these orifices.

While there may be humor in the sheer lengths people will go to while pursuing euphoria, it truly is no laughing matter when a life may be at stake. Educating both children and adults about the seriousness of substance abuse and addiction may help, but for some, it’s not enough. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol or drugs, turn to compassionate professionals to research your options. It’s never too early or too late to find help.

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