Hey Teens! Do You Really Want to Hit Rock Bottom?

Is it really necessary to reach the lowest point before you can begin to turn yourself around? Some people convince themselves they’ll never be able to quit until they reach that point, and even use that as an excuse to put off dealing with their problem. But too often these people haven’t really considered just what it means to hit rock bottom, and the fact that by then it might be too late. For every person that has recovered at that point, there are dozens that just kept on sinking. And there’s absolutely no good reason to go there.

4 Ways that Treatment May Reduce Antisocial Behavior

At its core, antisocial behavior draws our energy away from others and toward the self. For many people, antisocial behavior is a natural consequence of drug addiction. In fact, a 1999 research study found that individuals diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder were 2.6 times more likely to have an alcohol use disorder and 22 times Continue Reading