5 Benefits to Stop Drinking

Benefits to Stop Drinking: Five Reasons Why Now Might Be the Time to Quit Drinking Responsible adults enjoy alcohol for various reasons, but┬ádrinking isn’t right for everyone. You may simply feel unsuited to the culture, or you could have deeper, health-related concerns; in either case, making the decision to stop drinking can be a huge Continue Reading

5 Myths About Alcoholism

5 Myths About Alcoholism That May Help Out Many People Many myths about alcoholism abound, and it seems that their purpose is to keep people from admitting that they have a drinking problem. If you have heard any of the five myths about alcoholism from a loved one, you may have someone who would benefit Continue Reading

Vladimir Putin Orders Vodka Price Cap

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin Orders Vodka Price Cap In Hopes to Gain Favor During Their Economic Crisis On last Wednesday, Christmas Eve, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to rein in on the rising vodka prices. Putin orders vodka price cap, because he is battling to preserve his popularity among Russia’s devastating economic crisis. Continue Reading

How Are Drugs and STD's Related?

How Are Drugs and STD's Related?

According to the University of Hawaii, individuals who abuse drugs have a higher risk of contracting an STD when compared to the general population. In a study of individuals who use crack cocaine, roughly 61 percent of the participants had herpes, another 13 percent tested positive for syphilis and roughly 11 percent tested positive for Continue Reading

5 Ways Drug Abuse Endangers Children

5 Ways that Drug Abuse Endangers Children more than anyone had thought

Children under the age of 18 who are living with an adult who uses and abuses drugs are at risk for a variety of social, physical and emotional issues. A person who abuses drugs is likely not able to properly care for a child, but drug endangered children cannot advocate for themselves. Across the country, Continue Reading